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Thread: *GDG* Had To Vent This *GDG*

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    Default *GDG* Had To Vent This *GDG*

    Just needed to ventfor a bit.

    So I’m assuming that if you are on RTF that you are a doglover, or at least have a slightly unhealthy relationship with the four leggedkind. It is no secret with me, if you have met me you know I love dogs allshapes, sizes, and ability. I also fell head over heels for a woman nine yearsago who shares my sentiments for K9’s. We are those crazy people that have fourdogs in a 1400sq foot house, and let them run our lives sometimes. Now when itcomes to our pack I have one YLM and she has three small dogs, consisting oftwo Boston terriers and a pug. Now my lab is what I would consider an obedient dog,he still has a lot of puppy in him but Sit Means Sit as we say. Now the otherthree have no clue as to obedience, or any training for that matter. I havepresented my case time and time again, as how important basic obedience is justas a safety issue. I have chased those little SOB’s down the road more timesthan I can count, but they are my wife’s dogs and “we” don’t discipline them “ifshe catches them”. Now when I got my new pup I made it very clear that this dogwas not going to act like a rat on acid, and if she wanted to handle himwithout me then she needed to train with me.. She trained for about two daysand then decided she was done.. Now she is not allowed to take him out of thehouse without a lead unless in our fenced in back yard, due to the fact that heobeys her as well as the other three.

    So here is what happed. My wife lets the pack into the backyard as she does every afternoon; they do their business and back into thehouse. I get home and have my two minutes of dads home, dad’s home, dad’s home….I walk to the bed room to change clothes and hear the dreaded NO, HEAR, STOP,HEY, COME, STOP. I know this drill this usually means there is a pug and oneboston on the loose. So I’m scrambling trying to get back dressed to go playdog catcher. Then I hear the great news yelling through the house “all the dogsare gone HELP ME”. So I run outside andsee no dogs and my wife yelling the pugs name like he has ever came to herbefore…… So we jump in the cars and the search is on. I fine two dogs withinfive minutes, but still one lab and one boston missing… I know I have no chanceat catching the boston but if my lab is within earshot he will come.. so I’mridding around the neighborhood yelling for my lab like a crazy man. After about20 to 30 minutes of this and no sign of either dog I’m getting a bit upset.Then I get a call “sir are you missing a dog”? My reply was no I’m missing twowhich one do you have and where are you at? Then I get the Holy Sh%t of theyear.. I have a boston but there is a yellow lab that just got hit by a truck….Is he yours too????
    At this time I’m 4 to 5 blocks away that seemed to takehours for me to get to them. I finally pull up to see a boston and no lab, I jumpout and round the corner of the car and thank the lord there is a slightlybloody but intact yellow Labrador. The woman that called me happened to be avet and had already checked him out. Other than some road rash and some bloodhe seemed good. The vet witnessed the whole thing and said my lab just ranright into oncoming traffic. However the sorry POS that hit him didn’t evenstop, he just hit my dog and kept on rolling “classy”…
    After a few stitches, couple of X-rays, and some antibioticsI have a very lucky and sore pup on my hands. Now we are on the IR for a fewweeks, right when training is heating back up, but I still have a pup to run. Ihave no false reality to this I know it very easily could have gone the otherway.
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    I am very glad things turned out as well as they did. I am sure you were scared to death.

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    OH MY LOrd!! I would have been a fruitcake
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    Glad to hear Gus is OK!!
    Mark Land

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    OMG that's horrible! I screamed and everyone in the office popped their head out looking into my office. I am so sorry. That had to be scary. Quite honestly this is my nightmare when living with anyone. Glad he's ok. I hope you recover to.

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    My wife would be hiding after that.
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    Oh My! Thank goodness your dog is OK! Sounds like te wife is going to be going to training!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Socks View Post
    My wife would be hiding after that.
    Oh yes!!!!

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    I'm glad your dog is OK. I don't know what to say about the rest of it. I don't understand a dog that has had some training just bolting even though he doesn't respect your wife.

    I think we've all had a dog get loose a few times. Some of us get lucky and some of us don't. The few times one of my labs has gotten loose over the last almost 20 years I've been very lucky.
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    Hoping not to offend, but this is not a dog problem but a people problem.

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