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    The light was a bit better today and I still have access to a P&S camera (Canon SX50HS) so I shot a few photos of my knucklehead doing some land retrieves. NOT what I would get with my DSLR, NOT what Tony Zappia shows, NOT what Todd produces, but .... I have recently been scanning a bunch of old family photos. Most are NOT artistically or photographically great, but as a record of our family and of good times, they are very valuable. In order to decide what camera would be appropriate, one has to know WHY one is taking photos. These P&S cameras are sort of like the Brownie or Instamatic, but CAN produce come pretty acceptable snapshots and are more likely to be carried and used.

    These images were all shot at 400 ISO and exhibit what I would characterize as fairly significant "noise", but with better light, I could shoot at 100 ISO and from what I have read, that should greatly reduce the noise. These images were also shot at 300 MM & 600MM.

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