Is one of the culprits Entry Express?
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Thread: Is one of the culprits Entry Express?

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    Default Is one of the culprits Entry Express?

    In the discussions around the Super Pros gaming the entry system. What role has Entry Expressed played in forcing the Amateur to the side line. Or is this a banded subject? Note my name is listed.
    Ed Wojciechowski

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    LOL!THIS IS A TRICK QUESTION!! I think they do a great job! BUT?????

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    None at all that I can think of.

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    How would they be implicated? I tihnk they have better things to do than "plot" with the pros on how to run AMs out of a dog game.

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    They take so much work away from the hunt test sec that it does not matter. I would never want to leave the services of EE or Been HTS too many times not to like what they do. If you want to run a test you know will fill, just need to keep a watch on it. Yes if someone wanted to do their own HTS job and take paper premiums it would slow down the process of entrees some. Still no guarrantee you will get in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wojo View Post
    In the discussions around the Super Pros gaming the entry system. What role has Entry Expressed played in forcing the Amateur to the side line. Or is this a banded subject? Note my name is listed.
    Outside of maybe the way Master National qualifications are structured I don't think there really IS a culprit. The only advantage Entry Express offers their VIP members (mostly pros but it's not exclusive) is a line of credit that allows them to pay for their entries at a later date.

    I just really don't think there is some big conspiracy here. The clubs want their members/workers to get in so they give them notice of when a test is about to open. Most of those members/workers use a pro from time to time even if they run their own dog so they pass the word. And you can't (or at least I can't ) blame pro trainers for trying to give their clients what they are asking for - after all that's why they are in business. There is the perception of them having an advantage because they usually have all their client dogs stored on their account so you can literally enter all your dogs with the click of a mouse but anyone can do that with any dog.

    It's still just treating the symptoms and not the root cause but how is this for a partial solution: Club XYZ posts their premium on EE, complete with judges and all the details but does not open it. The hunt secretary collects the names (and money/entries) of the handlers who are working the test and saves their dogs to their account (either their personal account or I suppose you could set one up for the club). Three to four weeks out, when you're ready to open the test, post a public notice that the test will open at a certain day/time. When opening time arrives, the secretary (who is the one opening the test anyway) is sitting there with all the workers dogs ready to enter. All the workers are entered with a click of the mouse (just like those greedy 'ol pro's do ). The club pays the fee (either a club debit card or I guess you'd be eligible for EE's VIP program) but they are not out any money because they have already collected from the handlers. We complain about not being able to get workers - this way they'd come to you and be lining up for the privilege just so they could be sure to get entered. For those not inclined to work, opening time is public you take your chances just everyone else.

    I'm sure there is something I'm not thinking of, but it seems to me it could be done.

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    Well, I don't know the answer to your question HOWEVER, in dealing with collections for my clients I would much rather collect a full amount from one individual rather than a little bit from several individuals. I don't know if there is more paperwork for 60 dogs with 60 handlers vs 60 dogs with 10 handlers.

    Lonnie Spann
    DISCLAIMER: The above post is the opinionated and biased view of your's truly, Lonnie Spann, and is in no way intended to reflect the opinions or views of the unfortunate individuals named below who just happen to be doomed with guilt by association.

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    Darn, I thought this at last was the denouement for bluehen's $100.00 entry fee flapdoodle - that EE was laundering the money via Bitcoin and sending it to DelBay RC members for funding our annual trans-Atlantic club cruise on the QEII, with special guest Warren Buffett on board giving FT club treasurer investment seminars...


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    The OP asked a fair question. Is the SYSTEM for entry making it easier for the Pro (or anyone entering multiple dogs) to fill the entries of these events so fast that shuts out many of the small timers? I don't think he was slamming EE per se.

    it seems to me with technology being what it is, there should be an easy fix to give most folks some sort of a shot at entry. Personally, I wouldn't bother with any game that was so much trouble to just get entered, but that's a different topic altogether.

    I don't have a dog in this hunt (test), by the way...
    Bill Davis

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    I was asked about my little tirade about EE the other day. Here's the reason.

    EE won't record my dogs under the correct breed and show them in the test summary in the front of the catalog. It's a small thing but they do extend this courtesy to Poodles and to American Water Spaniels as well as several others. To Tollers .. nope. I've called the office several times and nothing comes of it. Once a little dolly told me that it was in the computer program and I quote, "...and that's real hard to fix." I offered as how I could fix it with 5 or fewer lines of code (How many lines does it take to set up a counter when the counting is already taking place?) and besides, they'd "fixed it" for the Poodles and AWS. She hung up on me and I just decided then and there that EE isn't interested in getting things right nor in promoting the dog sports. It's really just a cash machine and they won't disrupt it.

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