"Early neurological stimulation(Superdog) program".
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Thread: "Early neurological stimulation(Superdog) program".

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    Default "Early neurological stimulation(Superdog) program".

    Looking for thoughts on this program, some breeders are using it. Can't find any published papers on it as of yet. Thanks.


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    mtncntrykid..good posting. For deeper understanding the US Defense Department (1938) formerly the War Department initiated genetic studies to determine upcoming draft requirements for WW II. Read Scott and Fuller's book. The problem is good breeders do this w/the pups and the pups go off to-so owners who have no clue to early stimulation or over-stimulation. Notice the number of select pros that now offer selective 2-6 month old training. Also in the human world there are now numerous studies that indicate stressed human females produce stressed off-spring sometimes two generations later. Hey I am just reporting don't take this personal.

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    I've been doing the ENS for probably 8 or 9 years on litters I breed. I can't say if it helps; in fact I doubt there's any way to tell for certain. But I'm sure it doesn't hurt, and since I'm weighing and examining them daily during the timeframe of the ENS program, it doesn't take much to do the exercises. By the time I'm done with that, the eyes and ears are starting to open and that's when the fun begins. I imprint mine to come to the whistle and hang toys in the puppy pen at eye level and also start crate training between 2 and 3 weeks. We always get complements on how well socialized and confident our pups are, but I can't say it's from the ENS or the extensive socialization we do with them.
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    I actually read a recent article done by ( I think ) A&M that they have statistics that say it really doesn't help. Like Julie said, probably can't hurt either.

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    Been sending pups home today and have discussed this same issue with a couple of the buyers. Like mentioned above, I can' say it helps or not but it can't hurt. Maybe one day I'll do ENS on half the litter and see what happens. But then I also want to raise and train an entire litter too and see how they turn out...call me crazy!

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    Actually, I recalled reading somewhere that you can overdo the ENS. Sorry, I can't recall where I saw that.

    You might want to visit Avidog.com to see some creative ways to stimulate puppies after the ENS period, i.e. "the adventure box." Plans for it are included on the site.
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