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Thread: Lazy Sit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post
    For the 19 mo old dog, step on the offending foot. This is the Lardy way. Lots easier than bending over. I used to have a video demonstrating this technique. Someone moved it according to photobucket.
    freddy kings first video on you tube with tank demonstrates exactly how to fix it. except the dog is 8 mo9nths old not 6 weeks

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    I watched part of the King YouTube video last night. It is part of video 2 mixed in with some on. It is the same technique I use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post
    The w and e are close together on the keyboard.
    That's a FACT! JACK!
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    Paul a choker chain in jr. you need to use a slip lead on the line to do it right

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    I always appreciate when people post results of different situations on here so I thought I would let you all know how it went.

    My girl is 5 months old now and we are doing t , tt and line drills in our training. I have been very specific on this sit straight thing and corrected her and made her sit right every chance I have. For the most part she is doing ok with it but it isn't perfect. When I see her sitting lazy all I have to do is say "sit straight" and she corrects it and sits up. She will do it like clockwork every time I tell her (if I catch her). What I have learned though is that she is just to smart for me. When I am out of sight she sits lazy, when she thinks I won't see her she sits lazy. If I come around the corner and she is sitting that way....she immediatly sits up straight.

    Final conclusion - she has learned to sit straight when I am around and when she is on her own time she is going to sit lazy

    I have decided "out of sight out of mind" and she can have that freedom as part of "her" time.

    On to other "teenage" problems to solve

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtncntrykid View Post
    My puppy is just 6 weeks old and she has inherited a lazy sit from her daddy. I am not a big fan of this and would like to stop it. Could someone please suggest ways to do this, I would be forever grateful. I don't get her for 2 weeks yet and not sure about any corrections early so time frame in your suggestion would be good. Thanks all.

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    I am sorry, I got a good laugh when I read this.

    She is most likely thinking about her mom's tet.

    Puppy sitting is normal. When she get home and is comfortable where she is at. Start the sit when you feed her . If she rolls to one hip, just reach down and put her in the right place and say sit. Then say OK and give her, her dinner. extend the time in between sit and OK. You have a long way to go. so relax.


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