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Thread: Hunting Question

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    Default Hunting Question

    I have been hunting my almost 2 year old lab this past duck and goose season and when there's a slow period my dog wants tries to wonder around not paying attention is there any drills that I can do to help he relax and not be so almost out of control? any help would be great!

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    Obediance, sit does mean sit but how long can you expect a two year old to sit and wait for the birds to fly in? When I take my pups out I try to take them when I know there's going to be plenty of action, kind like taking a kid for the first time. I did not expect my dogs to site for hours waiting for the occasional bird.

    I will even shoot the occasional coot if nothing else is happening. Like any other part of my trainnig I build on this portion of the game, extending the time with each outing(if necessary). Usually by the end of the season the pup is stiing like a well behaved hunting partner and watching for the next flight.

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    I took some bumpers along hunting when my dog was with me. When it slowed and it wasn't a time of day I would be expecting brids to show up I ran drills on him. Kept him occupied and from becoming bored in the blind.
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    Great book with lots of drills -

    Online store -
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Snows View Post
    Great book with lots of drills -

    Fantastic Book...highly recommend!

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