Acquiring land access
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Thread: Acquiring land access

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    Default Acquiring land access

    Been trying for a while now to gain land access for both land and water training setups. Had some success with land owners...others not so much. My question to the group...are there things you've found beneficial to do to gain access from land owners? Let's assume that being polite, respectful, meeting in-person, and trying to establish a personal connection are already being done. Anyone got any good advice out there?

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    Offering to help out with land maintenance or farming chores goes a LONG WAY....
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    a lot of it depends on your "area".. MOst of my land owners own 1000's of acreas so they dont really have a personal connection with their land so i dont have any issue using a pond or a piece of grass ground they dont care about (all crop farming here) But in areas where people own 20 acreas different story!! Thats theirs!!! theyve worked hard to get it and dont want anyone else on it or messing it up..
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    Explain what you are going to be doing on the property, as well as how it will help your dogs training process.

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