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Thread: Last "PICK" pup

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    Senior Member David Maddox's Avatar
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    Default Last "PICK" pup

    Just curious if any of you guys have any success stories about the last puppy picked in any of your litters. I'll share mine.

    Back in Feb 2003, my Stepper bitch, HRCH-Dancy-MH whelped 11 Cosmo pups. All but 1 went to competitive homes with 5 going to FT homes and the rest going to HT homes. 2 of the pups eventually FCed, 1 QAAed, and a few more completed their HRCH or MH.
    The last pup taken was my favorite of the males. Not one person liked him nearly as much as I did. I kept him until he was 9 weeks old and liked him more and more each day. He was good looking, smart, and crazy courageous. One Sunday afternoon I get a phone call from a guy by the name of Butch Statham. Butch said that he wanted a well bred FT quality pup that he planned on putting on a young Louisiana pros truck in hopes of running Derbies. Well, the young pro didn't quite work out, so Butch decided on trying another young trainer over in Mississippi by the name of Charlie Moody. Under Charlie's tutelage Cody made the Derby list, QAAed quickly, and FCed as a 3 yr old. I believe that FC-Butch's Dream Code of TCR was Charlie Moody's first Field Champion.

    The first three picks went to a trial home as well. The "pick" male was washed due to dropping only 1 testicle, the second was sold as a fabulous gundog, and the third, a female, was sold to a HT home and tragically lost her life when left in an indoor kennel where the air conditioning unit failed. The fourth, a female pup FTCH-Dream Dancin' had a very successful career in Canada.
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    We are only as good as those that surround us.

    Birthplace to:
    •'09 National Finalist FC-BAYOU TECHE TEX
    Gettin' Jiggy Widdit-MH
    Dancin' Dreamer Kate-MH (dam to FC-"FINN", several QAAs, 2-MNHs)

    RIP Jiggy, Kate, and sweet mama Dancy!!!

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    Senior Member TroyFeeken's Avatar
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    Very cool history David, even more so because of my direct connection to that dog Cody. I have a male by him. Interestingly enough, the breeder and pro trainer kept 3 pups from the litter. None of the dogs other than those and mine went to competitive homes. His 3 were sold as started dogs at different levels with 2 of them having some success finishing a qual or two.

    I happened to stumble upon the litter advertisement here on RTF and he had a male left over that he didn't plan to keep. The pups were almost 9 weeks old and with my promise to the litter owner to campaign this puppy, he gave me a hell of a deal on the pup. This litter has a pretty cool pedigree so a week later I had the pup flown to me. Since that day approaching 6 years ago, my boy Shooter has picked up around 3,000 birds in the wild here in North Dakota. We accomplished his Master title in 6 straight passes without a failure and qualifying for the Master National. We've also competed in 9 quals finishing 5 and a couple Ams making it into the later series a few times. Not too shabby for my first real competitive dog and being almost entirely trained and always handled by myself.

    I would love to have a couple more just like him! I realized that my profile picture there was actually taken of him in a little grassy area outside the airport that day.
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    Cody's Gunslingin' Cosmonaut MH QAA (Shooter)

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    Many successful pups have been the left over pup in a litter --- more than only mine.
    My 1996 NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal) was a left over pup that failed all his puppy tests and no one wanted him.
    I called and asked about him on a Wednesday and he arrived that Friday at 7 1/2 weeks old from Texas.
    Rascal's son Chip became 2000 Canadian National Amateur Champion. I am pleased to have one of Rascal's pups (by frozen) sleeping under my computer table right now at 4 months old.

    Just FYI


    Marilyn J Fender, PhD
    Windstorm Retrievers - Wisconsin and Georgia
    Home of 1996 NFC FC AFC Storm’s Riptide Star and birthplace to QAA of his son 2000 CNAFC CFC CAFC Quik Windstorm

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    Senior Member BonMallari's Avatar
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    Feb 2008


    Our gal Nola was the last dog chosen right after her brother Mirk .
    Clint was looking to get back in the FT game back in 2000 and was up training with his friend long time pro Bill Fabian and he had FC Maximillion Green Acres on his truck and was a National Finalist. Clint was so impressed with his marking ability that he asked if he had sired any litters, well much to his surprise a litter was on the ground just up the road but apparently already spoken for except two a large male and a small female with a little white on her chest.
    Clint and Mary Kent picked the male and according to MK the female had a sad look on her face when she was left alone. As they drove away MK asked Clint "what if we had two puppies" they were a good 20 miles down the road when they turned around and grabbed Nola too.
    She and Mirk won Qualifyings on consecutive weekends at age 2, she also won an Amateur in Eastern Idaho in 07 and an Open in Canada in 09 along with going to the 9 th series of the Canadian National before being dropped despite being clean and not having handled.
    Nola also had two litters one produced FC AFC Knollwood Sweet Lily
    She is now an old lady of 13 but she has been a wonderful gal and made our family proud
    Executor of the Alanson C Brown III - Trust

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    A few things that I learned still ring true. "Lanse when you get a gift, say thank you and walk away. When you get a screwing walk away. You are going to get a lot more screwings than gifts"

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    My Stella was a last pick pup. At least in the sense that all other pups were committed when I got Lorri Oliver to let me have a pup from the Chopper x Keila breeding. Turns out when I went to pick her up at the Milwaukee airport, Lorri had two female pups that turned out to be my Stella & Pink. I chose Stella & Pink was flown to the west coast. Pink went on to be the Nat'l Derby Champion in 2008 & is now an FC-AFC. Stella became the first FC in the litter that includes FC-AFC Juice (top open points dog & nat'l Am finalist), & FC-AFC Freeway. Stella went 8 series in the nat'l as a 3 yr old, is also an FC-AFC and was the 1st nat'l Am finalist from the litter. So seems I couldn't go wrong with a choice between Pink & Stella and from such a productive litter.
    David Didier, GA

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    Senior Member EdA's Avatar
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    3X NFC Lottie

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    Senior Member Julie R.'s Avatar
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    Orlean VA


    Love hearing these stories of the last pick pups. Often wonder if other breeders do as I do: hold back the one you really want to keep, either for yourself (even though you have too many dogs) or that perfect buyer, so that in actuality, the last puppy left is the best one in the litter.
    Julie R., Hope Springs Farm
    Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1981

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    Senior Member Mike Peters-labguy23's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie R. View Post
    Love hearing these stories of the last pick pups. Often wonder if other breeders do as I do: hold back the one you really want to keep, either for yourself (even though you have too many dogs) or that perfect buyer, so that in actuality, the last puppy left is the best one in the litter.
    I usually do this with my litters. Sometimes one of each sex.
    Mike Peters

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    Senior Member SFLabs's Avatar
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    “Ammo” was in a sense the last pup from our first TyRoux breeding 11/6/2007. I originally took 4 female picks and 4 male picks, with a waiting list if she had more than 8.…..TyRa had exactly 4 Females, 4 Males…… The last female pick was to go to a gentlemen in Canada but at the last minute backed out when he found out that his Choc. Male that he was hoping to eventually breed this female to failed his Elbow/OFA…..he was very devastated and decided to pass on this litter and maybe if we repeat again, may get one then. Bill and Micki were the next on the waiting list for a female…..and you could say the rest of the story is History, “FC AFC CFC CAFC Upon The Wings Of An Answered Prayer NDC”.

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    Senior Member BlaineT's Avatar
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    not an FC story or anything like that (but special in my mind and heart) but my black girl was not only the last pick but a free last pick and the smallest one. Brought her home at 8 weeks and had an HRCH on her before her 15 month birthday and will be attempting to run some Q's with her real soon.

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