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Thread: Rowdy (by Pirate) Final Preparations

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    Wayne those were good videos. Dog is going great and he is quick. You have done alot of hard work. Even though your knees will be knocking; It will go better than your thinking! Take care Good luck again.
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    It's just a dog picking up ducks or pheasants. Don't make it bigger than what it is. Have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post
    Bad luck in the draw. No. 3. One person in front of me is running in open. So I may be no. 2. Egad!
    That's not exactly what's going to happen. Derby 1st series hardly ever run in order. Open starts friday, derby saturday. Also is a small open so 1st series will be done on friday, maybe even 2nd who knows. There is a chance on saturday morning that priorties are shuffled regarding pros still playing in the open. Maybe first thing on saturday morning they want all pros with derby dogs do go run the derby. this means you will be in no hurry to run first as pros will be put in front of you. with such a small derby they may even be asked to run 2 series before heading back to open. who knows.
    So. when you arrive at derby find out what's going on before you get on the megaphone to announce wanyne and dog #3 are here!
    Hopefully the marshall at the derby is an old hand, so if pros aren't running early, when you introduce yourself as a newbie ask if it's possible to watch 3 or 4 dogs before you bring yours to line.
    good luck...remember to air your dog and yourself well. ha ha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    Good luck Wayne ! Don't forget at a field trial there is NO attention getting noise before the mark is thrown . They throw then shoot
    Not so even though that is what we do in training but it is conventional for the gun to shoot first and then throw.

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    Well I'm glad you posted that EdA, I've been thinking that all night and with only watching a handful of derby's couldn't quit remember. And Wayne, if I can manage to go to the line at a derby I know you can do it! Best of luck to both of you
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    Good luck Wayne, and have fun!!!

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    Good luck, Wayne! I love your videos and admire you for having the courage to post them!
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    Good Luck.

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    Wayne, by the looks of your videos, you 2 are ready. Running early is a good thing in my mind. You get there, see the test, air the dog and get in line to run quickly. The more dogs you watch the more issues you may see and the more you may get nervous. The longer the pup is waiting to run, the more they may get amped up as well. Running early with less drag back scent and not giving you time to get more nervous can be good. It looks like the 2 of you are well prepared, approach it in a positive manner and let the training take over for you as well as the pup. Good luck and have fun.

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    Go git 'em Rowdy, and take good care of Wayne.
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