Just finished one of my online continuing ed classes for real estate, on on environmental laws.

The last chapter was on conservation ... I was greeted with the stats that US is only 5% of world population, but uses 25% of the world's energy, so we really should be using less. They added that this was also important due to fighting climate change. They even included a quick video clip of POTUS saying how we were going to cut energy consumption by 50%. They also stressed how important it is for real estate agents to know this stuff to counsel their clients.

I'm in favor of conserving resources, but they don't need to insert references to climate change. There seems an implication that if the US used less energy, there would be more for someone else? The US does a lot of good with its energy usage ... like making the drugs they send to Africa to fight HIV; or the food and medical aid sent to Haiti and Malaysia when disaster hit.

Never had this kind of stuff inserted into continuing ed before.