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Thread: Anybody feeding Dr. Tim's Momentum??

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    I too have a skinny, ribby boy that is 4 yo. on Pro Plan Sport who is the darned pickiest eater. I've tried everything and he'll never finish a bowl, always leaves some. I can get him looking pretty good at home but he always gets really skinny while at the trainers and daily training. I corresponded with Dr. Tim with the thought of feeding him Momentum just today and he agreed it would be better to try than Pursuit.

    Ordered from Chewy today so I'll report back in a few weeks.

    I also have a 6 mo. old Golden (not a picky eater) and asked him about Pursuit for that dog with the question of it's appropriateness for a dog that age in terms of calcium/phosphorous and a growing pup. He said the cal/phos ratios are absolutely appropriate for a 6mo pup so I may be making that switch soon too once she gets out of the yard.

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    Yeah I have been talking with Dr. Tim as well and he recommended the pursuit to me with the option to go with the momentum if things don't change after this bag. I have a feeling that with warmer weather coming, my dog is not going to be as active and will probably put on a little more weight. I can't up his amount because he stools turn soft.

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    I have been feeding Dr.Tim's for almost 2 years now. I've used all 3 formulas ( Kinesis, Pursuit and Momentum). My 5 year old MH has a hard time keeping weight on when on the pro truck so during those times I feed him Momentum. He is home now so I have him and my 9 month old on the Pursuit and it seems to be fine. We'll see if I need to move up to Momentum once weather breaks and we are training every day. I do have a 16 month old female that is on pro truck and on Pursuit. So far, that formula has been fine for her and we haven't had to bump up to Momentum

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    I am feeding the regular Kinesis. My girls are doing great on it: they are in hunt test training, but it's not strenuous enough to make them lose weight, and they are both easy keepers.
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