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Thread: Am I too old?

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    So sorry for your loss. When the time is right please get yourself another pup. You will never regret just the thrill of having a new friend this will do your soul and body lots of good.

    Do you have any Grandchildren you can involve the pups training or fun time.

    You sound like the perfect dog owner. The are many deserving pets wanting to be your pet. When the time is right go make one your perfect partner.

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    Wanted to add my condolences. It is very difficult and I am very sorry for your loss.

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    I am sorry for your pain. Like everyone else who has lost a special dog, I know just how you feel. I also understand about not being ready for a new pup right away...but you must have a dog. Think about adopting an older dog for now, and when you are ready for a pup, the older dog will mentor your new pup. It's a good situation for all.

    Please see this post....
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    The pain of losing them is the price we pay for having them in our lives. I'm sorry for your loss. I still choke up at the thought of each of the ones whose company I was blessed with that have passed over the last 40 years. I'm almost 72. Gage is three. He is the fifth in direct line since 1974. I intend to work with him as long as I can and if I'm lucky I'll be working with his son in a few years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garduck View Post

    Here's your answer
    We train at Prado. It is inspiring to see "Gordy" working dogs there. In the video he says he started in 1980. That would have made him around 63 when he started. The dog he is working is two in the video. He has to be the most optimistic man in the world!
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    I was 66 when I got my last pup he is now 2 1/2 and has a ton of energy. at 68 I found it harder to get out and train during the winter months, but he is a joy to train. also I started akc hunt tests and they are a way to keep active. my wife enjoys all the dogs we have 4 now, she also helps out at our club hunt tests. my advice would be to jump in now, don't wait or soon you will find reasons to not do anything all that's left then is bingo. so save your self from bingo run out now and get that new pup

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    Gordon Powers is 96 and trains his two year old dog every day. Go for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Glover View Post
    I lost my 12 yr old 'pup' Maggie to cancer yesterday. I held her in my arms as the vet injected the solution. Wasn't going to let her suffer. People say the pain gets easier, but it surely hasn't yet. I haven't stopped crying yet. She was the best of the three dogs I've lost. She wasn't titled, but was the best dove, fishing and walking dog ever. I never 'worked' training her one day--every day was fun. We did something every day.

    My question is: I'm 67 years old and may get another pup in a year or so (not now at all--it's like the old saying about a widower remarrying if they've been in a good marriage.). However, I'll be at least 78 when it's 10. My wife 'tolerates' dogs and would care for it if something happened to me, but what about if something happened to both of us? Do any 'seniors' here have young pups, and what are your thoughts?

    First...I am very's not easy on the mind to loose a great dog. But...

    Being too old is relative to only in our minds. Enjoying the many doors that are open to us during our journey makes us to forget that….so please open that new door and begin that new journey. You never know…you might find some sudden similarities with new dog that might make you smile and laugh at the same time.

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    Bob I am sorry about your loss. I had that special dog some years back. While I did not campaign him (I knew nothing about the dog games back then) he was so special to us that 12 years after his passing, our memories of him are still fresh and bring us joy. I hope you will cherish memories of Maggie as much as we do of Zeus.

    My wife decided she was going to get her first dog at age 68, two years ago and start running FT's. She went from "Its your dog,you take care of it" to the most enthusiastic "den mother." She bought a very active pup with good parentage. My wife and her dog are now running qualys and the ribbons are stacking up. We have three dogs at present an enjoy them immensely. I am 72 and toying with the idea of fielding a new pup

    Don't deprive yourself of a great companion. Get a pup and join the rest of us crazy dog people in training and running your dog.

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    Wish I was that young! Have 3 youngest 2 years old. Would not be without them even though they are temporarily farmed out whilst recovering from surgery. As someone said - just imagine 10 years or so without one - just awful.
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    You are never too old to share your life with a dog (they don't care what your age is!) Some of our most fun Field Trial training partners are older than you and their dogs are what keep them happy, active and healthy!

    If you don't think that you can handle the puppy stuff again, buy or adopt an older dog - they are out there and they need you. I have "adopted" older dogs and I fall in love with them just as fast as I do the puppies.

    Stop worrying and just make sure that your will(s) spell out exactly who they are to be given to should something happen to the both of you. If you do not have someone in your life that you would trust with this responsibility, here is another option: I happen to work for Texas A&M, but I will bet that other universities with veterinary schools have similar programs. The one at Texas A&M is called "Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center" and it is incredibly nice inside and out and the vet students absolutely love caring for and playing with these animals ~ here is the link:

    Personally, I would rather leave some of my money to a place like this than face any uncertainty of what would happen to my precious furry children. I have never lived one minute of my life without a pet and I do not intend for that to ever change!

    My sympathies for your loss,

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