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Thread: Swim by

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breck View Post
    Getting a dog through swimby and water force is generally an unpleasant experience for dogs. You are there to get the lessons through to them as well as win several key battles over the course of about a week.
    Any mending of attitude that may be needed as a result is addressed subsequently.
    I just finished swim by with 4 young dogs. It was anything but an unpleasant experience for all 4. To me this is mainly a teaching phase. When teaching I believe you are better off using as little pressure as possible; even more caution used in introductory water work. IMHO. I may force them a couple of times en route to the pile and once in the water. Other than that no collar pressure
    I fully agree with you that you are there to accomplish certain lessons. One of my major goals is that they emerge with a positive water attitude. That way there is no need for a "mending of attitude that may be needed as a result to be addressed subsequently"

    The time you would spend remediating a bad water attitude is better spent doing things such as tune up drills & teaching actual blinds. Furthermore a good positive water attitude from the start bodes well for long term advancement IMO

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    I agree with Miss Bridget Bodine!

    on the T,, your "here" should have been very soild!A straight line return to you from the pile.

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