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Thread: The least pedigree - the most wins

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    Just because a dog wasnt titled doesnt tell the whole story...

    for example : Super Powder was never titled but was a son of NFC NAFC Super Chief, his record as a sire was 36 FC's, 2 NFC's , 1 NAFC (statistics compliments of Richard Halstead)

    in modern day pedigrees : Esprit Out of the Woods (Tiger) was also non titled but is a proven stud dog and sired many titled dogs and continues to do so
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    FC CFC Black Panther lived a great Cinderella story.
    Part of it was printed in a DU article last year.

    They didn't print his Sire's name for some strange reason though.............................
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    Years ago Lonnie & I watched a Q where the winning dog cost $200 and was bought from a local newspaper ad. I always thought it was a tremendous statement that the owner had enough faith in his dog to campaign him. Pedigree was nondescript. I can't remember the dog or the owners name but he wasn't interested in getting his $200 back. Lonnie & I both asked.
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    look up 1994 NAFC
    A very nice dog. Watched her win at Sauvie Island.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FOM View Post

    you will have a hard time with getting answers publicly unless the owner of said dog decides to post, specifically referencing FT titled question is like a back handed compliment and many will not "insult" another's dog....unless they have an axe to grind.
    I have no axe to grind, in fact I don't have a clue what she's referring to, your question seems perfectly sincere, legitimate and also of interest to me as well. Jim Pickering had a notable Golden AFC named Jake out of a thoroughly unremarkable lineage

    Heck, I see it as a compliment to the innate ability of the dog and to the dedication and talent of the trainer.
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    My first retriever was from the local newspaper.
    If I knew then what I know now, I would have run FTs with her as she could mark.
    On the other hand, if I knew then what I know now, I would have never purchased her.
    That's what makes this a good question.

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    FWIW, I like the question. The lab folks have the luxury of a decent sized gene pool but that pool is pretty darn shallow with field Goldens. If there is a dog out there that can perform at a high level and has health clearances, not to mention longevity in its pedigree, I'd like to hear about it. Yes, there are risks with an out cross but goodness knows there are risks with tight breedings, too.
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    if someone ever starts "the most pedigree that did least", i may have something to add.
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    I seem to remember discussing a golden of no special breeding who took to training and trialing very well. I think that it was owned by Jim Pickering, or maybe it was Pickering who told me about it.

    I don't think a dog that has a weak background can be counted on for breeding. I worry more about the grand parents than the parents in looking for potential.


    oops I should have read all of the posts rather than just the first page.
    At least my memory is still clear where are my truck keys?
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