Rowdy (by Pirate) Freak Accident
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Thread: Rowdy (by Pirate) Freak Accident

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    Senior Member Wayne Nutt's Avatar
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    Default Rowdy (by Pirate) Freak Accident

    Rowdy had a freak accident this afternoon. We were done training and going to channel pond to do trimming. Rowdy was riding up front on my mule seat. When getting out he goes down to floorboard then hopes out to the ground. This time he somehow got a toe stuck in one of the brake pedal holes. Ripped out a right rear toe nail clean.
    It was bleeding pretty good. I flushed with water then antiseptic spray, neosporin and emt gel. Bleeding stopped. He is not favoring it and is energetic as ever.
    However if he runs it starts leaking blood a little. So rest a while is needed.

    So I will scratch tomorrow's hunt test.

    Doesn't look like a trip to emergency clinic is necessary. Will check with my vet Monday morn as I will need a vet cert for a scratch refund. I will call test secretary shortly.

    Does anyone know if he will be able to run next weekend?

    His training this week has been great. Live flyers today along with honoring another dog with a flyer. But better safe than sorry.
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    Wayne Nutt
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    Senior Member Trifecta's Avatar
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    He will probably be fine by next weekend, but your vet can give you a better idea of healing time after looking at it.

    Sometimes these are very painful but typically he would be feeling better in a few days. Your vet may or may not prescribe antibiotics, but my experience has been that after a few days of treatment (I really like epsolm salt soaks, personally) and keeping it clean, that a nice granulation bed forms.

    I would probably plan on cleaning it thoroughly after the test next weekend (each day) just to make sure you don't end up with funk packed up under the nail bed.
    Natalie Fraser, DVM
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    Senior Member Socks's Avatar
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    I babied a slit toe nail once for three weeks an it finally ripped off and it was totally fine and back to normal two weeks later.
    Joe Dickerson

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    Senior Member dogcommand's Avatar
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    Don't know where you are planning to run but if the vet says it is ok to go, I'd be tempted to wrap it and/or put a boot on it for protection.
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    Very important to keep it clean and avoid any gunky water or other substance which could lead to infection. A training partner had a similar incident with her dog - not limping and continued to train for a week. Infection traveled into the bone and required two surgeries, 5 or 6 weeks of rest and antibiotics and several thousand dollars.

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    Senior Member Jeff Brezee's Avatar
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    I think I'd give it more than a week. Maybe two or three at least.
    Jeff Brezee

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    Senior Member davewolfe's Avatar
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    I had a dog rip out a toe nail, I don't how. (I think might have done it on the deck) When the nail started growing back out it got infection into the bone. Vet wanted to amputate it. End up putting the dog on antibiotics for about 8 weeks, Was able to save the toe.

    Good luck

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    Senior Member Don Lietzau's Avatar
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    O U C H!!!!
    Poor Boy.

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    Senior Member Mary Lynn Metras's Avatar
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    That is bad luck Wayne just as things were going nicely. Take it easy eh!!
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    Senior Member Chris Videtto's Avatar
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    Wayne, sorry to hear of the injury. I would rather be on the safe/conservative side, you have all year remaining to run tests. JMO!
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