Ran some blinds with the camera rolling today just to take a look at what I was doing or not doing. Been having a little trouble lately with initial lines and wanted to try and see if it was me or the dog. Feel free to comment. I did see a thing or two that I should or should not do but I think it would help to have other eyes looking too. I know I can spot things that other people are doing wrong better than I can see myself. Been watching the Lardy video lately and I see him screw up from time to time too. Every time I leave the line whether in training or at a trial I'm always saying I should have done this or should have done that.
Since it's spring and the wind is always blowing I thought I'd practice cross wind blinds. First video is Lucy. 6 going on 7, QAA and jammed a couple opens. She has slowed down a lot and pretty easy to run. Second video is Ace Lucy's 2 year old daughter, fast and full of herself. A really nice dog that did pretty well in the derbies and running her first qual the end of April. Usually runs pretty nice blinds but lately has had a little too much confidence thinking she knows better than me where she is going, auto casting and blowing off whistles etc.
Wind is blowing right to left kind of angle in toward the line at about 10 mph. First blind is almost into to the wind but the other two are much more right to left