What would you do differently with your puppy if you could?
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Thread: What would you do differently with your puppy if you could?

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    Default What would you do differently with your puppy if you could?

    New puppy on the way next week. Should be full of go. Just wondering if you could go back to the drawing board, is there anything you would do differently? Is the anything you would absolutely do the same?
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    Change - I would teach more and correct less.

    Not change - I would still take them for walks that have nothing to do with training, just have fun with them.
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    Change; I would not worry if my 9 week old puppy didn't have the drive to retrieve......It always shows up quickly enough.

    Keep the same: Lot's of us time.

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    Change: Slow down, don't nit pick, and more marks!

    Keep the same: steady at an early age

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    I would not have listened to the numerous different advice I got from people trying to help. While they all meant well, lots of it did not work for my dog. Caused a few problems etc. I would have stuck with one person and progressed forward from there.

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    Find a program and follow it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mostlygold View Post
    Change - I would teach more and correct less.

    Not change - I would still take them for walks that have nothing to do with training, just have fun with them.
    X2. More teaching, less correcting. More fully appreciate how poorly dogs generalize. A new field, a different terrain, a different distance, etc., make it a different exercise to a green dog. Until the concept "clicks" teach, teach, teach.
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    Change I'd remember that pups are individuals and will develop at their own pace, rather than trying to push them to surpass or keep up with their siblings/or other pups, that were doing this or that at some age. Also that males and females are completely different animals; boys seem to need a lot more encouragement which is not my forte, girls seem to be tuff, they pick things up quicker; but like to test you; basically you've got to be bi-polar if you decide to train one of each at the same time, .

    Not-Change The research and time put into finding a dam and sire, that fit my life-style/needs and balanced each other; then considering myself lucky that if the pups took after either one, or a combo of both. I'd be perfectly happy .

    Also Hunt them early, hunt them often, and give them as much real world experiences as they can absorb; I got these dogs to hunt, testing and titles are a side-line, As you get drawn into training; it becomes easy to forget. Have a few good friends that will bonk you on the side of your head, when you start saying crazy things like I can't go hunting; I have to train, I have a test .
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    Great questions!

    Change: More birds. More patience. Less corrections. Simulate hunting scenarios better.

    Not-Change: Timing. I thought I nearly ruined a great dog by taking some time off due to a family crisis when the pup was 8-11 months old. It turns out everything he learned in those first 6-7 months was all still in there and now is ready to be polished to a shine.

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    Work with him or her for 10 minutes every day and take them with me on social trips at least once per day.
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