Level a dog should be at? Thoughts
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Thread: Level a dog should be at? Thoughts

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    Default Level a dog should be at? Thoughts

    What lever should a GRHRCH MH QAA X HRCH MH pup should be at after being at a professional trainer for a year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingjkennels View Post
    What lever should a GRHRCH MH QAA X HRCH MH pup should be at after being at a professional trainer for a year?
    How old is the dog?

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    18 months old

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    Just had this conversation with a very reputable Master National/Grand pro trainer. He said that the dog should be able to easily pass a Senior/Seasoned test, hunt ducks and geese w/o a problem and be ready to start working through more complex concepts and advanced handling.
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    The dog isn't even force fetched good breaks and the trainer has blocked my phone number so u have no contact with h now and just got my dog back Saturday after numerous lies from the trainer

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    Thanks for the info Now my problem is I've got a dog that I have got a little less than 5000$ training that I'm going to start all over with

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    So you really weren't asking a question to gain knowledge you were merely using a free resource to air your grievances in a business deal gone bad.

    Small claims court regards

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    From what you say above, the dog was in training for 12 consecutive months, and you spent around $400 per month on the trainer? If that is true, the $400/mo. would have been my first clue. I have a young girl in training and we are paying substantially more per month. I have not paid less than $500/mo ever and I started using professional trainers over 15 years ago.

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    Damn Bubba, he has every right to ask. Some people are a bit novice at some point. Yea, maybe he should have gotten some references, but he didn't bring the trainers name out and trash it ( I would have most likely just for being blown off on the phone), and to find a general concensus as to where the dog should have been ( which by the grace of God, most agreed to on here) , you would have to ask to learn.
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    Thanks for the information guys. And for bubba. You can stick it up your ass. That's what this site is for to gain info on training and ask other trainers opinion of things I just wanted an idea for where other professional trainers thought my dog should be at

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