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Thread: A major loss for the Field Trial Community

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    I was lucky to have met John in person. Several years ago, he asked me to judge for Del Bay at their fall HT. I agree with others that he was fun to be around in person. It was one of my most memorable judging assignments, and I have him to thank for that opportunity, and a wonderful weekend due to the efforts of the rest of that wonderful club.

    As recently as a couple weeks ago we were sparring on an RTF thread. It feels very strange to know that was the last time we'll get to do so. Like Chris, John angered me at times, but he always made me think hard about whatever it was that we disagreed on at the time and I never felt that I was being personally attacked. That, to me , is the definition of a good argument.

    So, Godspeed John! I'll miss you!-Paul
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    So sorry to hear of John's passing. RIP John, you will be missed.
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    God Bless you John and keep you.
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    Well that's just terrible. I had no clue about his health issues. Sorry to hear this & may the family/friends find comfort in this time of grief. God bless.

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    Oh my sorry to hear, rest in peace John.
    Odd, I was headed to VA Hospital yesterday which is near John's home and though of stopping by but did not.
    The dozen or so years I knew John he was fighting one serious health issue or another and kept on going. He had a unique wit and intelect.
    He also was not a fan of wash outs and had a good number of dogs he cared for.
    Take care John.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breck View Post
    He also was not a fan of wash outs and had a good number of dogs he cared for.
    This, indeed. To his detractors here, of whom there were a few, he would never have let fly with "to hell with 'em," but I bet he might say now "to heaven with 'em" - which would mean reconnecting with John Fallon where all good dogmen go.

    He was a hero for me if only for how he managed to get so many d*mned dogs into one Suburban. But he was also as generous with advice and insight about retriever training as any newcomer to the hallowed ground of the C&D Canal could ask for.


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    My condolences to John's family and friends, it was a shock to see this. Very sad and I'm sorry he had such painful health issues. Good on his friends who are taking his dogs, what a tribute and lovely thing to do, I'm sure he was relieved to know that.
    Kim Pfister, Rainmaker Labs

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    What a wonderfully written tribute to Mr Fallon.

    I will miss reading Fallons posts. I dis agreed with him often,, God knows he slapped Gooser around on many occasion,,,but I like that..

    Prayers sent Mr Fallon.. Rest with no pain or worry.

    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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    Gooser I agree w/you - Chris your words were well chosen. This should be reminder to all of us that this thing we do is a "GAME!" Once it goes beyond that and it consumes you to the point of bitterness and unreasonableness is the time for your timeout and mirror reflection. RIP

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    My sincere condolences to John's family and friends, especially to you Old Coot and Patty Jordan for taking care of his beloved dogs. I was fortunate to meet John a few years ago, when our clubs were trying to work out conflicting hunt test dates. I'd only known him from RTF so when he left a message on my voicemail to call him I was very curious and surprised to find the most polite, soft spoken gentleman I'd ever dealt with. We were easily able to work things out to both of our club's benefit. The next time I was running something in his area, a derby at his club, I made a point of meeting him in person. It was hard, because he's one of his club's hardest workers and always in motion so I had to chase him down. And he was just as kind and generous and personable to meet as he'd been on the phone. Not at all the abrasive pot stirrer I'd formed a mental picture of before I met him. So I became one of his biggest defenders when people would trash him over his pot stirring. But you know what? We should all be able to stir the pot as tastefully as Fallon did. He never resorted to personal insults or foul language. Whether you agreed with him or not, he'd offer up a contrary opinion which he was able to defend and made things interesting. I will miss him, and I'm so sorry I never took him up on his offer to come train at the canal.
    Julie R., Hope Springs Farm
    Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1981

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