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Thread: Name Decision?

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    Oakley could sound like "Okay", a common release word. I wouldn't pick that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalouseDogs View Post
    Oakley could sound like "Okay", a common release word. I wouldn't pick that one.
    Very good point. I avoid using names that could be confused with commands.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1st retriever View Post
    No it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing. lol Good movie.
    I agree, wait a couple days and see what fits.

    Killer boots dude!

    Lonnie Spann
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    I've been lurking on the sight for a while, and thought this would be a good chance to post...

    My new pups name is Oakley (Fire in the Oaks). I wanted something unique, and now I see that name all the time

    I agree on waiting for at least a formal name, it should come to you. I kept referring to my pup as a ball of fire, and it clicked (also helped that he is almost a fox red)

    Good luck.

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