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Thread: Why doesn't the HRC use Entry Express more?

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    Keith - HRC does not require a club to take walk ups, that along with number of dogs per level and number of dogs per handler are all the clubs choice. HRC does limit the max number of dogs per level and the max number of dogs per handler but a club can lower those levels if they want to.

    Clubs can also choose to charge additional money for walks ups. Depending on the club/ location / and history of entries walk ups can make or break a club as far as financial forecast. If a club has a history of full flights then closing entries might not be a bad idea. Having done the job of secretary of a hunt the walk ups can be a challenge plus planning for birds, food and workers is equally as challenging.

    As for Hunt Sec vs. Entry Express? I don't have a dog in this discussion, I know EE closes a week earlier then HS and if HRC folks are not aware of that they can miss making the entry on line. For small clubs the additional expenses may not be the way to go. Clubs out here have used both.
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    our club Mississippi flyway hrc has talked about changing to ee but decided that most hrc people look at hunt secretary. com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margo Ellis View Post
    Keith - HRC does not require a club to take walk ups,
    Having done the job of secretary of a hunt the walk ups can be a challenge plus planning for birds, food and workers is equally as challenging.
    Thanks for the reply. Been there, done that back in the days when they did require it. It's a planning nightmare for the club and a mess for the HT Sec'ty.

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    To clarify some previous statements regarding EE & HRC events:

    1) EE closes AKC events at a fixed period prior to an event in order to allow a period of time to effect user & club changes after entry & before the event running order is set (i.e., scratches & running order determination, etc) which must be accomplished prior to preparing and printing the event program to AKC requirements. This period is uniform for all AKC HTs. HRC events using other services also have closing dates for advanced entries.
    2) There is no charge to the club to use EE for taking entries. The entry charge is paid by the user/entrant when entering dogs. If a club desires programs/catalogs, ribbons etc, there are charges to the clubs for those services.
    3) EE has attempted in the past to work with the HRC without success to obtain their dog records to assist HRC and the entry user to report and maintain dog points earned. EE believes this could provide a valuable service to the HRC enthusiast and the HRC/UKC.
    4) If there were enough HRC events using EE, the actual entry process for HRC events could be customized exclusively for the HRC format in a webpage exclusively for HRC events.
    5) Walk-up entries provide a challenge for any on-line entry service & a club burden for all sorts of planning reasons.
    David Didier, GA

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    Dave, thanks for the clear reply.
    I have to wonder when the HRC will finally go with a hard entry cut off. "Family" and all that, if a person wants to run a HT, they surely should know 2 weeks ahead of time. For those who have run a few or a bunch, the real cost in a HT is the travel, lodging and meals on the road, not the entry fee.
    Legit scratches for dog in season, verifiable injury etc. are the exception not the rule. For 3 years at a new HRC club in North Al. our HT secretary has done a phenomonal job of handling somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 walk ups, day of. IMO this is ridiculous. And the burden on the club for estimating ducks, lunches , workers and all the other dead horse stuff is sometimes overwhelming.
    I had to chase a points receipt for one of my own dogs for 6 months to get it straightened out because the trainer I had her with was a walk up day of. My fault and his, but I know I spent well over $60 in my own time when it probably all would have been avoided if we had pre entered.
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    To clarify as a secretary; I've used them both; Both have positives; both negatives. We did Huntsec.; as everyone in the HRC does, their paperwork is easier and the HRC peeps know to look on that system. We tried EE because it is what is used mostly in our area, however if you look at their HRC record EE doesn't appear to bring in as many entries as those clubs using Hunt-Sec. For us; sign-ups were the same #, walk-up entries were the same. I think we got a few new people from it being up on entry express, better exposure in our area. But I got most entries/inquires after closing in the mail sent directly to me. We'll probably try entry express, one more time, however if we don't see an up-regulation next test; we might go old school (pretty much know every person who signed up online, all club members; they'll sign up either way ).

    We welcome walk-ups they make our test, as they do most clubs in the west. Birds aren't an issue as we use live flyers and can always put more down if need be; left over live birds get sold to club-members, or used in next event (there are a lot of other events that cascade through out this area). Walk-ups have never been an issue but that is probably due to HRC being very new in the area. If we ever get enough dogs to start filling flights and needing to split we might change our stance; But I see many years before that happens; we're sort of an island to our-self out here.
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    I agree completely, there is no reason you should be able to walk up at any test no matter what. Either sign up on time or don't run. It is a major PITA to take walk ups and to me it is straight up bush league.
    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Caswell View Post
    Wev'e been using them for the past 3 years, has worked fine for us no different than a AKC event, and this will be our last year allowing walkup entries of any kind, there's no reason for it, the extra entries that you gain aren't worth the PITA they create, hopefully other clubs will do he same..

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    I can see both sides of the walk up deal, I've walked up a time or 2 at an HRC test, last minute desion to run it. I also know its a night mare to plan for when 75% of your field walks up the day of the test.
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