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Thread: Jewell Easter

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    Default Jewell Easter

    the Southern California retriever community lost a long time fixture/icon with the passing of Jewell Easter. I met Mrs Easter in 1977 when she was the President of the Calif South Coast Retriever Club along with her late husband Bob. They had an FC AFC Easter's Iron Mike of Rumsey. Ms Easter was a tireless worker, and treated a newbie like me with a little bit of a gruff exterior but I knew in my heart she meant well...I would run into her throughout the years at various events, and she always remembered me and would take the time to chat and talk about Orange County Calif where we both lived way back when

    I must admit there are a few tears in my eyes not because we were close by any stretch of the imagination, but she is one of those people you meet in the retriever games that is a real character,a good ole broad,tough exterior,but a tender heart...Will always remember Mrs Easter fondly, as will many others
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    I judged with Jewel a few years ago at Co women's rc. She was kind to me, was wonderful to work with and was very engaging I'm sorry to hear of her passing. God speed Jewel and condolences to her family.
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    Jewell was a real gem. Harry
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    See ya in the field. HPW

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    Oh dear, I am sorry to hear of Jewell's passing. She was one of those people that you thought would go on forever. RIP Jewell.
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    Default Bob and Jewell Easter

    Well Bon, the news about Jewell is disturbing, very unsettling.

    I too had ties to both Bob and Jewell. Bob judged his first all-age stake with me
    at Cota De Caza, Califonia South Coast, March 1977 and at Santa Maria, Southern
    California R.C., September 1975 he won our Open with Easter's Iron Mike of Ramsey.
    I believe that was his first Open win. Later Bob came to the AVRC and judged our spring trial in 1979 at the Russell Lakes Duck Club, Sagiuache, CO.

    In the spring of 1989 - one of the last times I trained at Russell Lakes - Jewell came and trained with me ... that was the year Jewell Judged the National at Albany, GA.

    My thoughts and condolences to the family.

    Bill Connor
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    I met Bob and Jewel about 20 years ago, trained with them a couple of times and did a breeding to one of their dogs, very accommodating people. They will be missed.

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    Oh my, how sad. A few weeks ago I got a ribbon running in a Qual she was judging. My condolences to her family, friends and club members.
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    Prayers sent other family and friends

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    I met Jewell about 3 years ago and would see her at all the field trials here in Southern California. She was very helpful and a huge asset to the retriever community.
    I was very sad to hear about her passing. She will be missed

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    Being new to the trial game I was fortunate to join an belong to the same retriever club as Jewel Easter. As everyone knows Jewel was a very hard worker, showing up on just about every training day, she'd send out the emails a day before asking who was coming so she could have enough ducks thawed to accommodate the group: she never failed to show up even when her dog was with her pro and she was not going to have a dog to run.

    Jewel was very thoughtful as is the club in general, often times during the Tuesday or Thursday morning training sessions I can only train until 10:30 or 11:00, Jewel would always say, "you should get your dog and run first since you have to leave early".

    I also had the privilege to run under Jewel in a derby earlier this year, when you made it through a series Jewel would bring your line lead over to you , when you went out she would politely say " now you have to pick up your own lead".

    I only knew Jewel a short time but I'm very glad that I did get to meet and train with her.
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