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Thread: Bill Hillmann's Revised Puppy DVD

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    Default Bill Hillmann's Revised Puppy DVD

    Hi all,

    I know this has probably already be answered and done to death so I apologize in advance as I cannot seem to find the exact answer I want.

    I am a very excited puppy father to be as I pick up my female black lab in a weeks’ time and I am preparing all my training equipment and DVD's etc before her arrival.

    I am new to the game of field trials but began competing in the novice stakes (in Australia last year until my beautiful chocolate girl was hit by a car. She was my first trained dog although I only just got her through basics before she passed.

    I have just purchased Bill Hillmann's Revised Puppy DVD and have begun to watch to first couple of chapters and I am very impressed with what I have seen so far.

    My question to those who have watched and used the revised version DVD do I still need to purchased Bills traffic cop and fetch DVD's or is there enough detail on this that I don’t need too?

    I assume that his land and water fundamentals DVD's would slot perfectly in after the puppy DVD?

    Thanks Clinton

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    I would at least buy the Force Fetch to supplement the new puppy DVD then the 2 Fundamentals for later - that whole set will give you a great basis for your training

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    Thanks for the advice I just was not sure which ones I needed.


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