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Thread: Good or Bad Idea?

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    Default Good or Bad Idea?

    Anyone use the Superbirds that Bumper Boy sales for their launchers? Are they durable ? Should I just buy more bumpers ?


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    I am interested in them too, seems everytime I train I have atleast one bumper explode, tired of sending them in.

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    I've got the teal,only been used about 25 times holding up so far but really do not use them that much,would not buy them again.But I in love with the bird basket,but also have only used them about 30 times so not sure how they will hold up.Hope that it helps.

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    I've got a bunch of the Mallard Superbirds and they are fine. Dogs seem to like them and the are quite visable on the ground and in the water. I do believe the bumpers hold up a bit better though.
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