High number of "We Have to Change the Game"... Threads
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Thread: High number of "We Have to Change the Game"... Threads

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    Default High number of "We Have to Change the Game"... Threads

    Maybe it's just me. But it sure seems like there have been an awful lot of threads with folks wanting to "Change the game".

    I know some change is good. But, not all change is. When folks start talking about change to make things "fair"... Red flags go up for me.

    Field trials in particular have always been tough. It's not a sport where you get a ribbon for participating. There is no pat on the back after a tough trial unless it's your spouse or training partner.

    There are other dog games that are more "user friendly", but they have their issues too. Seen the entry problem threads regarding HTs?

    There is no perfect game. Enjoy it for what it is... If one doesn't like the game, instead of changing it, maybe find a new game?
    Bill Davis

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    I agree! I'm fine the way it is. Like I said you are only turning the table!

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    Unfortunately, this "change" is because of the "ME ME ME" mentality

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    maybe those that want change will Occupy the AKC headquarters
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    Speaking only of AKC HT's. A dog game that was created for the weekend trainer, that is now dominated by pro's, probably has moved in a direction that it was not intended to move.

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    Some of the threads address a monster that has been created recently (due to popularity of the sport (the HT one), the other supposed problem has always been and is always getting changed (I've been running dogs 7-8 yrs. the definition on AM has been changed almost every year & nothing has changed the same people are running AM, it's a clubs job to enforce, and they've got enough going on putting on a trial to worry about checking under the skirts of every entry). If left alone the HT's will implode themselves, it's already evident; (used to be a club couldn't limit, which was very hard for certain clubs, they said No we are limiting or No test; now they can). This problem will be handled with or without help, however it will go smoother with a rule change, otherwise clubs will just give up MNH affliation & stop feeding the beast. The AM question will always be a question, people have been getting around those rules since the AM stake was created. An AM is an impossible thing to define there's so many different types of AM's. & everyone wants the FC-AFC title, not just a FC. Yet every year they seek to redefine AM, and whatever words they come up with someone finds a way around, and they aren't enforced, you'd thing they'd eventually give it up. A clear cut only 3 dogs rule per handler would be hard to get around, however that gets pushed back (becuase no-one in the PTB's believed intestest). The dog games are very akin to the govt. we seek to make new rules and control everything (to make things better); but very few changes make any impact, and common since is never popular .
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