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Thread: Finding nice dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPEED View Post
    Close enough - that is all I would have to see...
    I think what most want to see is performance. The top FT dogs are not in need of advertising in a catalogue. It's all word of mouth and what is more important than being stacked is exhibiting marking, drive and style. A pretty picture is nice, but it doesn't speak to what the dog brings to the table in terms of working ability.

    Even when I did compete in conformation (Newfoundlands) it was very important to me to know that the sire I chose was the whole package. Water & draft accomplishments, as well as proper movement when gaited. Stacking doesn't necessarily mean that you have a form follows function dog and it doesn't speak to intelligence and great marking. Better to choose a stud based on having watched him run or knowing someone you trust who has.

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    They still need nice structure to hold up well over the years, Miriam. JMO. And yes, I judge a lot based on gait here too so not arguing w/ you there. A dog that gaits gracefully is usually put together well.

    Julie/SPEED: I just sent out 7 of 8 pups sired by Jett (from your breeding), and I wasn't disappointed. Had show folks who were very impressed. Pups all went to great hunting or competition homes and feedback so far is great about how adaptable the pups were despite the fact I sent them out a few days earlier than normal due to the Easter weekend. Here is the #2 pick I have held back for another competition prospect (we started puppy tracking today at barely 8 wks and he did great):
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