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Thread: Probably an over reaction but I'm losing sleep over it..

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    Read Darrin's thread about three or four times.

    In essence, what you want and what the pup needs are not the same.
    Jim Boyer
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    Good advice from rainmaker and Darrin...

    Think of the dog as being a young kid whom your teaching how to play baseball . You don't take them out to the ballpark and start playing nine innings with them right away. They would burn out quickly and not want to participate anymore. That doesn't mean the kid wasn't meant to be a fast base runner, or a home run hitter. It just means you did too much too soon, and made them associate baseball with something that is miserable.

    If you were trying to teach a young kid baseball you would start with just a few tosses of the ball in the yard. Make it fun. As time goes by you start to throw a little farther, a little harder, and you start talking about how the game is played. You never do it too much. You always want to leave that kid wanting more after each session. Training a puppy is not very different. It's supposed to start out as something they want to do bc it's fun and they always want more.

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    Let me help connect a couple of dots. Timidity and fearfulness could explain the inconsistent appearance of "drive" and trainability. That is, some days she is focused on whatever she's afraid of and everything else is of lesser importance. Dogs don't learn or perform well when fearful.

    Thus Darrin's excellent advice to focus on her real problem. Socialize more effectively to reduce fears of the environment, and train with less correction and conflict to build greater confidence in working with you.

    "Nothing in Life is Free" is a training protocol. You can find thorough descriptions on the internet. Although the name sounds kind of adversarial, it can help a lot with a dog's confidence by giving her the power to affect what happens to her. She will have chances to "earn" everything good that happens to her, and you will be able to control her without corrections or confrontation.

    In addition it wouldn't hurt to pay attention and see if you can identify some of the things that cause fear and stress.

    Amy Dahl

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    Think about the dogs age and what young dogs do....grow! Some growth spurts can be painful (Panosteitis), mild...panting for no reason even when laying around in the house all day and physical signs but exercise can make them more uncomfortable than normal.
    I've had 4 pups over the past 6 years and all showed similar behaviour at one point...if your pup doesn't have that super high drive that day, take it easy for a day or two.
    Keep up your socialising and praise and don't get worried about poor drive one day...not saying it is but she might be going through a growth spurt.
    Hang in there and do what's best for your dog and her training.

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    Get out a few clip wing pigeons release pup with them; if dog wants the birds wants to catch, de-feather, eat the birds. Dog has drive, dog is fine. Your putting a lot of pressure on a 7mt old dog; to be prefect every time. She's 7mts old, 4-6 years old in human term. Ever seen a 4-6 year old that could keep super concentration and do everything perfect every-time they were asked too? Just train her, at her own speed and Stop worrying about it
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    With all due respect - you need to slow down, absorb and make use of the good advice you are getting, and both you and pup enjoy life a bit more! You came on RTF just over two weeks ago and expressed concern that your pup was shy and timid - IIRC you got some very good advice. You stated (now) that 'it's not working' - give it some more time and effort! Your pup is just a dog, not a machine - and she did not become shy and timid in two weeks nor will it be 'fixed' in two weeks. JMHO...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPEED View Post
    I would be interested to know her pedigree - you can tell a lot about a dog just by that.
    Really????. Maybe you know something that I don't & the people that I trust don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptp0007 View Post
    Ive posted a few problems I've had with my young female chocolate dog.
    I think I found your problem

    Lonnie Spann
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    What do you do with your pup when she DOES a good job and retrieves?

    The reason I ask this, I have seen folks new to the game, be afraid to act like an idiot in front of their dog. When I am building confidence and drive in a dog... THEY KNOW how happy I am that they got the job done! At a local training day, I had a show lab lady tell me " I think I see why your dogs are so......... hyper.... about retrieving" because she saw me having one heck of a puppy party with the dog that had got a tough to handle concept....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptp0007 View Post
    Could you go more in depth on this?
    I need to write something for my website but in the meantime, just google NILIF program for dogs. There are about 1000 articles.
    Darrin Greene

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