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Thread: The Big Green Egg (BGE)

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    Senior Member Erik Nilsson's Avatar
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    Default The Big Green Egg (BGE)

    Considering buying one. Sooooooo who has one and what do you think?

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    Senior Member achiro's Avatar
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    Erik, hope you don't mind me tagging on to this thread with an additional question. I saw a "Vision" brand this weekend at Sam's and it looked much like the BGE. Wondered if anyone with more experience around the BGE had compared it, the features of each, and the price?
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    There are a few equal products out there. But they are comparable in price. Don't waste your money on a cheap substitute.

    As as far as cooking on an egg...

    buy a large
    buy a place setter
    buy a table or nest

    you can cook one of the best steaks of your life buying heating it up to 600 degrees
    you can smoke a butt at 225 for 20 hours and only have to touch your egg twice. Once when you put the butt on, and once when you take it off. The temp won't hardly budge
    fish, steak, BBQ, chicken,vegetables, oysters, chili, meatloaf, ducks, geese, dove, thanksgiving turkey, deer backstrap....all awesome by cooking on the BGE.

    your only maintenance is cleaning out the bottom of your egg every once in a while to get the ash out. And replacing the gasket on the lid every few years.

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    Senior Member DKR's Avatar
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    I'm in Happy Texas


    Love my BGE I have the large, if you want a bigger unit look at the Primo XL.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with a kamado grill. I have a vision kamado and the reason I purchased it versus the BGE is because of cost (it also came with the nest, place setter, etc.). The kamado grill is so well insulated that it can maintain temperatures in the summer and the winter.

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    The only complaint I have is that I didn't buy it sooner. Quacktastic is dead on except I may would look at the BGE XL. I have a large and sometimes need the extra room. Saw the BGE XXL at a demo cooking this weekend. Too big and with a $5k complete package price tag, not a possibility. Not real sure I could open it either. Going on 6 years with only having to replace the gasket.

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    Senior Member DoubleHaul's Avatar
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    N. Cackalacky


    I was very skeptical until I got one as a gift. It will change your life.

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    Unless you consistently cook for more than 6 people...stick with the large. The xl takes a lot of coal, and its a bit tricky to consistently hold 200-250 temps on it. To give you an idea...the large will hold about 10 big ribeyes. Three boston butts if you use a rack. Same for ribs. 1-20 lbs turkey. About 12 skewers of kabobs. And about 12 chicken breasts. Thats usually plenty enough to handle family dinner or a small get together of friends.

    Pro tip. Shop around for a good price and free eggcessories. And buy from a place that will deliver and assemble the egg. It can be a pain in the butt to put together bc of the band that fastens the grill and the lid together.

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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    Mrs Gooser gave me a Large BGE for a present the first week in March. I have assembled the thing. Thew my back out in the process! I havent had chance to grill something on it yet.

    We plan to build an island that contains the egg on the patio..

    To much work right now,but I am VERY much looking forward to the food..

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    Senior Member Bob Mac's Avatar
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    Great product. Last grill you will purchase. Steaks to pizza you name it and the BGE will do it.
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