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Thread: Started dog ??

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    Default Started dog ??

    What is a started dog in most peoples opinion ??
    Just basics ? Through Hand Signals ?? Through Force Fetch ??

    Then the next loaded question - What do you think the average cost of a statred dog is ??

    Thanks Guys.

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    It could be at any level. Most I know continue the training and the price varies depending on the level of training it has been through. I'd would definitely discuss how far along in training the dog is before purchasing.

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    Other factors that could affect price are pedigree, health clearances, level of training, and all around drive of the dog. I would discuss they level of training and the try to compare prices. They could be anywhere for $1000-5000+. Lots of factors

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    I understand there are different levels and pedigrees etc. But a what level do most consider is a started dog ??
    I would think that a dog that has gone through force fetch, pile and running the double T would be a little farther along than "started".
    Thoughts ?

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    Retrieving marks. Just about to start FF and CC. Further along than that might be intermediate. I do think some dogs that run in Started HRC are further along in their teaching. I have no idea what price a pup would be worth but alot depends on what the person wants, what the person can pay, initial teachings of the pup (HRC, HT and FT) and the pedigree. JMHO
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    to me started dog equals at least OB, CC, FF and simple land and water doubles- that may be hand thrown puppy doubles if its a six month old, or longer ones- age dependent- and working with birds birds, live and dead- that measn training with birds regularly, not "introduced to birds".

    IF you don't have FF and doubles- you are selling an older puppy, not a started dog. SO, puppy work done, and ready to begin basics is a started dog I think.
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