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Thread: Dog in Car/Crate...HT/FT...Hot Weather Advice?

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    Default Dog in Car/Crate...HT/FT...Hot Weather Advice?

    With Summer pretty much here in some parts of the country I just wanted to know what everyone has found to work especially as it applies to HT/FT scenarios.

    Forecast for an upcoming HT is 90s with low humidity.

    I was able to find Dr. Baxter's advice, which was helpful but since there are so many seasoned HT/FT veterans just curious what you have found to really work well.

    If you need to deal with high humidity just note it.

    I make the assumption that the dogs are physically fit and of proper weight.

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    Senior Member Tater 7's Avatar
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    put a fan on them, make sure theres plenty of ventilation and water and keep the kennel in the shade as much as possible. Mine stays in the heat all day everyday so its not that big of a deal for mine. Water is the key. Keep them hydrated

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    I use a wire crate when its' hot. Crate is in the back seat of the truck with the windows and doors open. A tarp is over the truck so the sun is not beating directly on the truck. I have 2 fans running and plenty of water.
    I have heard of issues with wet dogs being but in the dog truck or non ventilated crate, acts like a sauna and the dogs suffer from the heat. Also have been to tests with pools set up and sometimes with ice in the water.

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    All depends on your kennels. Plastic ones get hot in sun. As shown above you can use a fan. Also Easy-Up over the back of the truck bed is good. If it is real hot, freeze 2 liter bottles and put in kennel. When air blows it will stay real cool.

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    I use a hitch mount Umbrella to help shade the bed of the truck.

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    I try my best to keep the kennel shaded and I also run an endless breeze fan. I also have a cap on my truck which helps with shade
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    I have a bunch of these and drape them around the van openings and have the fans that T Mac posted

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    Yes, the solar blankets are every bit as good as advertised. The best prices I have found is through Pet Edge.

    I've parked right out in the direct sunlight in 90+ degree temperatures and it is like parking in a shady area. With Endless Breeze fans working, we are comfortable.

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    X's 3 on the Endless Breeze fans Jim is showing in his van!

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