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Thread: Zinger winger help

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    Default Zinger winger help

    I have an older field trialer when the trigger releases the eyelet doesn't come off the trigger, just hangs up. Any suggestions would help. Thanks, Paul

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    Senior Member Wayne Nutt's Avatar
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    If you have the old style eyelet, this happens. Put some grease on the eyelet. You can also take a dremmel tool and smooth the inside of the eyelet. After lots of use a grove or a flat place
    wears on the inside of the eyelet.
    The long term solution is to buy new eyelets. The new ones are like a rolling pin and slide off much easier. Pictures on ZW website.
    Wayne Nutt
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    Thanks thats what I thought

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    Senior Member Steve Shaver's Avatar
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    I have done what Wayne said except for the grease, too messy. I broke down and spent the money for the u bolt with the roller pin. Still had them hang up occasionally so I replaced both the release arm and the trigger key on one winger and it has been working great. I now have ordered the parts for the other 2 wingers.. Smoothingout the rough spots with a dremel works but after doing so repeatedly you will wear these parts down too much which in turn causes other problems

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