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Thread: Thunder Equipment T100 shotgun simulator

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    Default Thunder Equipment T100 shotgun simulator

    Our club bought 6 of these over the last couple of years and we love them!! They are a godsend and have paid for themselves in the amount that we save on poppers. However we have a couple of maintenance issues now that we have had them a couple years.

    First Two of them will not shoot the shotgun sound. When you push the button you can hear it charge but when you push it all the way to fire it, all you hear is "POOOOOOF" Has anybody else had this issue?

    2nd One of them the yellow button sticks half way down. Any idea on this?

    Hoping that there is a fix for it that we can do in house.

    Thanks in advance
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    The first issue sounds like they're being pushed down too far before being fired. The second issue I've have dealt with before. Dirt can get stuck down around the button. I would try and use a computer keyboard cleaner that comes in a can to try and clean it up
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    We have one... really like it.. but I think due to our altitude, we have to give it more of a charge than tey suggest, or the bumpers only go about 20 ft. Anyone at high altitude use them?
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