I'm sure that CA is not the only place where this kind of thing is taking place.

This week I was back in the town where I grew up in Dutchess County, NY. For many decades, and still when I was growing up, the largest employer was the largest mental institution in NY State. The scope of that complex was such that my brother worked in the medical laboratory as one of his first jobs. My mother worked as a "house mother" in the dormitory for their nursing school. They had worship services for the patients on the permises. Many from town shared those services with the patients. Many town residents worked as attendants, and many more in support jobs of maintenance, food services, etc. Some years later NY began closing most of its institutions and that area never really recovered from those lost jobs. The buildings there (like a small town of its own), are still vacant. The latest possibility is that it will become a college campus. I'd say that there are at least 50 large, brick, 6 or 7-story, institutional-type buildings. The Catholic Church congregation is now so small that they don't have their own full-time pastor anymore.