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Thread: More LP Questions

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    Default More LP Questions

    Hi All,

    I saw the thread on LPL tieback surgery and I have some questions. For all of you who have experienced this, what did you do to help your dogs in the summer? I am contemplating trying to find a "cool" bed, put her in an adjacent room in our house where we can have a fan blowing for her. Of course when it gets hot (if it gets hot frost warnings this past weekend) we wil have the A/C on.

    Belle my black lab turned 11 just this past Friday. She had an FCE 4 years ago, so walking around is harder for her than the average dog. She was diagnosed in April with partial LP. Surgery isn't necessary and probably not an option. Her back end is getting weaker, I honestly don't know how much longer she will be able to get around. She can still get up and down on her own, up and down stairs, but it's hard for her. She is not in "pain" but we have her on Previcox (1 tab every other day) because so much presure is on her front end. She was, and agility dog. Belle is a VERY proud dog and does not like "assistance" much. I also hope to get her a cooling vest, that holds cold packs to the dogs organs so maybe she can go for walks over the summer albeit short ones. We have to keep her moving to keep her back end as strong as possible. I'm just looking for thoughts and ideas to keep her comfortable.

    Lastly... she is HUGE!!! Not heavy, she weighs only 80-85# but she stands 27" tall. So her body can be her own worst enemy. She had to be big, she has the biggest heart of any dog I have ever known, and they needed a body to match to house it.

    Any thoughts is appreciated.

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    My vet said to only let our dog out early mornings and evenings, which I try but not always possible. It gets very hot here so we keep a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator and a small fan near his cage. He had partial LP a couple years ago and now its worse. We hand feed him so we can control how much he eats because lately he has choked on his food. His vet will not allow him to to the clinic for his shots, its just to hard on him, we almost lost him at the last visit...he takes 2 tussigon pills at night which help him sleep .We have tried different cough syrups, tablets which have an ingredient that is supposed to help open airways but nothing works & now he's having problems with his rear legs, stumbles more and its getting harder for him to get up plus his back leg shakes all the time. He would not be a candidate for surgery.

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    Unfortunately we just had to put an old timer down due to advanced LP; He'd been pretty advanced for ~3-4mt. Best things we did; we elevated food bowl & water; water in the food, cut down portions,out of a break-fast (the ones that don't allow them to eat fast) bowl. He had the rear legs issue as well, When he got bad that he wasn't recovering; constant breathing issues; we put him on prednisone every other day, amazing difference once we started him on that; he could move around much better and breathing wasn't as bad (he was 13+ so not like it was really gonna hurt him). H ad to watch so he didn't over do/get excited,this kept him pretty good and active, until one evening it was obvious nothing was gonna help, so we had to put him down .
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    My girl developed LP at about 13. Opted not to do the surgery. Heat and cold make it more difficult for them to breathe so you need to worry about cold temps too. AC, only out long enough to potty. Kept pred on hand to give when her breathing was labored. She was three months shy of 17 when her back end went out on her and we put her down.

    Exercise won't help the nerve damage. It will progress no matter what you do.

    I did use a harness to help steady her and assist her walking when needed. I would hold onto the top of the harness to take some of the weight/exertion off of her.


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    Unfortunately, as most of the above posts indicate, whether you have LP surgery or not, the real enemy is often the common accompanying hind end neuropathy. Our Dancer had the surgery at 13, and like many dogs, had a great recovery: no LP issues, unbelievably healthy for an old lady, but the rear end went on her & in less than 2 years we had to put her down.

    With the FCE to boot, I expect that will be your biggest concern. Do all you can to keep your old lady comfortable and feeling good about life; it's very hard to see them lose control of the rear end. I haven't done any research lately, but I would hope that there is as much progress on finding a good cure/treatment for that neuropathy as for the LP issue.

    Good luck and enjoy her.

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    I think the biggest thing I have done for Murphy is be vigilant at all times of the year. No direct sunlight unless he wants it, which is generally in the spring and fall when it's cool, with a place to escape to shade. My kennel is on the north side of my home and allows for both sun and shade and is on a cement pad (cool). If it is really hot he stays inside in AC. His LP was cause for his first heat stroke on a 62 degree day in April, 3 maybe 4 years ago, playing with a beagle at a local dog park. Winter time all my dogs stay inside. I give lots of loving, let him do what he enjoys and encourage those things. Let him tell me by his actions when he's had enough. I do not let him overexert himself. This last Saturday all 5 of my dogs were along for training, Murphy got 6 bumpers thrown from 30 to 50 feet to start the session, he headed for the back of the truck for water and his kennel. We brought 10 dogs, ran 7 different dogs varying from 5 1/2 months to 6 1/2 years, from first intro to a bird, to junior marks, double senior marks & blind, to difficult double side hill marks for master, to 300yd+ qual marks. Six different set ups with 3 of us. Murphy started the sessions, got to run with the dogs airing for lunch, 4 hand thrown pheasant retrieves after lunch and he ended the session with four more hand thrown pheasant retrieves. He was there all day in and out of his kennel, enjoying all the sights, sounds and smell he loves. I don't baby him but I am ever watchful and aware. For awhile (maybe a year+) before the LP surgery and 3+ months afterward I restricted his physical activity, he really was not happy. I'm back to letting him be a dog & he's back living life and enjoying it! All 14 years and 5 months!

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