Early Neurological Stimulation
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Thread: Early Neurological Stimulation

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    Default Early Neurological Stimulation

    Many breeders are using the early neurological stimulation recommended by Carmen Battaglia.

    I've always handled my puppies a lot from in early life till they leave here, and I wondered if this protocol really makes a difference. Does this "stimulation" that Battaglia recommends have the most impact on puppies that are raised in more "commercial" circumstances where puppies are likely to get less handling during their early life? Our retriever dams don't mind us "fussing" with their puppies, but I recall a friend who bred Malamutes saying that her dams would not have been happy at all with her handling the pups as I do mine. Does this early stimulation protocol have greater impact on certain breeds where humans are less likely to handle pups early in life?

    For example, when we clip toenails on puppies, are we already handling the feet/toes much the same as Battaglia recommends?

    Food for thought ...
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    This has been discussed before on the forum. You can probably search and find it.

    Bottom line, lots of us do it because it can't hurt--can we quantitatively prove that it works? No.


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    I have done it with all my golden litters and now largely do it because it certainly doesnt hurt. My gut shot feeling is that it seems to even out the litters. I have a hard time really finding the top dog and a bottom dog. Must admit, only five or six litters to draw that limited conclusion from.
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    I use it to some extent. Also not sure if it works. I try to pick up every pup as often as I can, and believe it gets them used to human contact more than anything. I'm continually surprised at what a pup can learn at such a young age.

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    My feeling is the same as Randy's. If nothing else, it rounds them out. At temperament testing time they are really consistent. It's easy to do and takes so little time.
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