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Thread: Is the call name "Si" too close to "sit"

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    Default Is the call name "Si" too close to "sit"

    My kids want to name our next puppy "Si" after the Duck Dynasty Uncle Si. I think it is a great name but wonder if it sounds too much like the command "sit". Any thoughts on whether this is a legitimate concern? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Hassman View Post
    My kids want to name our next puppy "Si" after the Duck Dynasty Uncle Si. I think it is a great name but wonder if it sounds too much like the command "sit". Any thoughts on whether this is a legitimate concern? Thanks
    Yes, it is a legitimate concern. I personally would not do it.

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    Call him Silas. I have one named that, not due to the show but a book I read, and have had no problems.

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    I wouldn't use anything that starts with S

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    I found that the Si sound was confusing for my dog "Sinner" when she was a youngster and we were intensively working on "sit" .

    The confusion resulted in no-goes or slow-goes when releasing her on marks using her name.

    We temporarily changed her name in training to "Winner" and the confusion disappeared immediately.
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    The name Si will sound more like "I" when sending. Tone inflection has lots to do with "sit vs send" as well. Like "sit" vs "Sam". Sounds like "it" and "am". A successful FTer friend of mine handles her young dog Sam with no issues at all. I personally don't think it would be an issue at all. We've decided on the name Sweet for our new pup.

    Now, this may not may any since to anyone but me-LOL.
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    Use a different word for 'SIT', if you want the name Si....If you haven't taught the dog the meaning of the word yet, you can use any word you want in place of sit..."pose" is a synonym for sit...problem solved....
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    Half these derned dogs dont sit anyways,, so what does it matter!

    Name him SIT!!!

    That way yous get to say the command twice on the walk up!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Shaver View Post
    I wouldn't use anything that starts with S
    but "Drop that bloated carp you poophead!" just looses some of it's ooomph
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    You can change the tone of both words and he'll be able to distinguish between the 2. I had 2 dogs here with the same name. I just put emphasis in different parts of their name. They understood.
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