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Thread: Western MT DQ

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    Default Western MT DQ

    Two land series in the Derby resulted in two dogs going back to an old fall. With three scratches, that left 15 dogs going into the third series, a big water double with a long, big swim go bird and a shorter memory bird with three water entries including a shallow cheat in front of the bird thrown on a point. Fourteen dogs were called back to the 4th series:


    FTCH AFTCH Heads Up Tracks in the Taiga MH QA2 WC ***, Can. WCI, JFTR, QFTR - U.S. all-breed Amateur win, placements, Open 3rd, Am-Can Qual Wins (Trek) 1/31/07

    Heads Up Dash to the Taiga QA2 WC *** (Dart) 10/29/12

    Can. GMH Coppertop Wind in the Taiga MH, WCX **, Can. CD, WCX, QFTR *** (Breeze) 9/5/00 - 9/30/10

    Photo of one-year-old Trek by Greg Gersbach

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    RV the West


    The Derby 4th series was a very tight flower pot. The first bird down was a long bird slightly to the right thrown left to right down the left hand shore. The short mark was thrown right to left from a point and splashing into the water. There was a corner of water up front so the dogs had to drop into this water, climb up onto a dike, and reorient as to which bird they were going to either going in front of or behind the short gunner. Most of the dogs cheated on the long mark to varying degrees. Most of those that cheated, ran up onto dry land and backsided the long gunner. A very few cheated but stayed low in the marshy grass taking a straight line to the bird. I saw only two make the big swim to the bird.

    Unofficial Derby Results:

    1st - Pfill - Pfluger/Madore
    2nd - Rosie - Bennetts
    3rd - Crash - Kemp
    4th - Grant - Nesselroad & Swanson/Madore
    RJ -Dart - Myers

    JAM's: 3,4,6,7,13,16,19,20

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    Congratulations, Dart and Judy..
    Choctaw's Daring Greatly (10/19/2015)
    Choctaw's Piscataquis Sebec UD MH CGC WCX ***(All-Breed AM 2nd)
    UCDX HR SR Sand Dancer's XX MTB Ranger UDT, MH, WCX **, UKC HR Finished & U-B Legs, OTCH Points, Utility B Win, Agility HIT (1/20/2001-7/24/2015)
    HR SR Scarlett's Andi O'Malley CD SH OA NAJ CGC (OAJ-2 Placements) 9/16/1995-3/31/2011

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    Congrats Heather Pfil and Mark

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    Anyone have the q results?
    Josie Ottman

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    Congratulations to all , especially Rosie, she appears to be really coming on.

    Good job Harry and Rosie.
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