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Thread: Garmin Layoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunners Up View Post

    Why buy a business that is getting ready to go under? My take on the sell was that when TT and Garmin collaborated on the first tracking collars Garmin saw a new application for their technology, a market leader with good profit margins. Garmin made an offer or TT let it be know they would like to sell and the dance begun.

    The Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, & Dick's of the world drive business. These retailers want to know every year what is "new" and it is this "newness" that get retailers excited and give the consumer a reason to come back and make a new purchase. These same retailers have also gotten big enough to implement their own "private label products". So no longer are the mfg. just competing with each other they are also having to compete against their own retail "partners". I'm sure this played into the TT/Garmin merger as well. If you are a dominate mfg. in certain categories (i.e. personal GPS units) you can then dictate retail programs and tell the retailer "Hey if you want our latest and greatest personal GPS units then you will need to carry all of our dog training products and we would really appreciate if you would quit knocking off our collars as well"

    As far as products being made in Taiwan, Taiwan is actually very advanced in the mfg. of electronics. Look at where iPhones, laptops, and other personal electronics are made.

    The market will dictate whether the new products by TT/Garmin will be successful or not. I would be willing to bet that these upgrades and changes just didn't happen willy nilly and some product market research was done prior to release. I can tell you that I've been using Garmin products for hunting, road biking, and mtn biking for years and love their products. Before we throw the baby out with the bath water lets give this marriage a little more time and see what it brings.

    All the best!

    Good points and you would know that area far better than I. As far as where they are made, I don't really care one way or the other. America priced itself out of the manufacturing market and Asia and others upped their quality over the past 20 years.
    I understand the product line is dictated by the big chain retailers, but I am so far unimpressed by the changes Garmin has made.
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    I ran errands last week,and picked up 13 products from clothing to hardware.Bass Pro,Tractor Supply,Home Depot. Everything I bought was from China,Tiwan, Bangladesh. Pretty sad. We are Greece junior. Even the illegal aliens won't do the manufacturing jobs.
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    You folks are pretty funny bantering about this and how tritronics and garmin have done you all wrong. I'd venture a guess that the retriever games that we play are a pretty small fraction of their sales considering most people with dogs aren't in the market for a high quality and long lasting ecollar. Having a product that is bought once every 5 or so years on average by each customer does not make for a highly profitable company or product line. The typical retriever type dog owner is probably a 5 to 10 days hunting a year and they warm up their hunting dog a couple days before the season which is the same time they pulled their $200 sport dog collar out of the closet. The delta line collar and pointing dog tracking collars is the market that I'm assuming they bought the company for. The name recognition and market or store placement that garmin brings to the table is ideal along with the product reputation tritronics brings makes for a pretty good marriage. I haven't held or used one of the new 550s but I can't assume that it would be lower in quality that the existing 500s out there.
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    I guess I just don't understand all of the gripes about there being too much to the collar. I could understand if they were asking us to pay more for all of the bells and whistles but they are actually asking us to pay less. When you look at it realistically there are a few things that everyone likes about the tube style transmitter design and all of those things are still there. If you liked the 200, put it in momentary and leave it there and vise versa if you liked the 100. It's not like its super easy to flip the toggle by accident. And if you don't like the light or the bark limiter, don't use them. Again, you're paying less. Still have a tube style transmitter that is light and made of Lexan with L, M, and H at your fingertips. Those were the features that everyone loves about the collar and they are still there. It could be worse, they could have gone under and no one picked up the reigns and then where would we be? As far as I can tell the only gripe is about the collar strap D ring. I don't personally like to clip things to the D ring because rivets are too easily ripped out but you can replace that portion with any color known to man for 10 bucks. As far as I can tell, times are good.

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