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Thread: moving our sport in the right direction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breck View Post
    Here's a way to attract new participants.
    Invite your local Wounded Warrior or similar group to bring a van load or two of veterans to your events. Arrange for handlers to chat with them in the gallery to give them the low down on what it's all about and answer questions. For folks who have been badly wounded this is a sport where it's possible to participate with little physical effort if need be.
    Next, if some veterans seem interested, invite them to the local training groups training days (NOT to a once in a blue moon club training day).
    Next, to help them get started, arrange for them to receive a gift of washout dog that has been through basics and transition. This way it may be easier for them to get up to speed.
    To cover cost of wash out dogs that may not be free it may be possible to drum up sponsors or what have you.
    I'm curious where do you find wounded warriors? this is not a smart azz remark as I have often thought of doing something for them . fishing or duck hunting or what ever. also where would you find a wash out to put them with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidvanryn View Post
    Typical human behavior . We are so reluctant to change! All good responces but at the end of day we need to change what is happening whatever the reasons. I love the diff ideas (wounded warrior's) picknick events. I do agree that this is for the most part not a cheap sport we can still teach people how to have fun. Here in ct we started a similar things for waterfowl hunters because the numbers where dropping at a scary rate! So we have developed a mentor program to get younger new hunters involved with a mentor.
    What is stopping you? If you feel this is the way to go, why not just do it and not listen to the folks on the interwebs? Every club is different and while folks may have tried this and had it not work--hence their responses--it doesn't mean it won't work for your club. Get involved and make it happen. If it works for your club, I am sure others will give it a try.

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    IMO----You want to make the sport BETTER, and move in the "Right Direction?"

    GIVE to the sport all you can.
    The primary thing you have is time, give it, no strings attached, for the LOVE of the game and the dogs.


    This past weekend at a HT I was at, a well known pro was with his family to enjoy some time together.
    This man dropped everything and helped out the test, making the judges life easier, and making the test much more fair for the young dogs!

    At another venue, a well known FT came to train her dogs.
    There was really nowhere for her tto train, so she gave up her Sunday and her time to help out at the HT!!!

    No strings attached, they both gave of their time to make the game better!!!

    Thank you Brian and Stacy, you are heros!
    What a great example people like you set for the rest of us to model!

    I learned from watching you this weekend!
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    Stan b & Elvis

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    Age has very little to do with the sport...the retriever games and all that goes with them are for people with discretionary disposable reality its not apathy or lack of success that drive many out of the sport, its that people figure that the ROI for that discretionary income would be best spent elsewhere
    That's a question my wife asks all the time. I don't want to think about the answer, because the reality is that our sport is a very expensive obsession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Losthwy View Post
    NOTHING will fix the lack of participation and the trend of fewer people will continue. While very year the percentage of dogs that are running events are trained by pros increases because of numerous reasons, events getting harder, less training grounds and so forth. That's the way it is. The Sport started with the affluent and now it's going headed full circle. Good luck.
    All good points. But I agree, at least in part, with this post. It's hard for people to accept that others have different perspectives and interests. And for a lot of good reasons. Yet we keep trying to convince them to think like WE think and like what WE like. That's all good ... we should keep trying to encourage newcomers to stick with it ... but don't expect a lot of results attracting new folks off the street.

    How many of you want to hop on your bicycle and take an 80 mile ride with me tomorrow? No way in hell can I convince you how much fun we're going to have. That's about like someone trying to convince me to take up scrapbooking. Face it, the retriever community is very small. Always has been. I can remember it was hard trying to scrape together enough people for a training group 50 years ago. And the same complaints about getting enough help at a trial.

    There are hundreds of hobbies that attract a relatively few enthusiastic participants and they ALL say the same thing, "why doesn't everyone else love to do this?". Just got to keep on keepin' on and help those that DO show up to challenge themselves and achieve their goals, That's what gets a person hooked.


    “Don’t wave your phony patriotism in MY face! If you really love America, open your wallet and hire an American kid to build what you buy. Doug Fraser (paraphrased) 1980

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Marshall View Post
    Not trying to hijack but I for one would like weekly updates on how this goes.
    Me 2
    Wait till momma starts negotiating with her gold.
    "Do more than is required of you"
    General George S. Patton

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Robinson View Post
    That's a question my wife asks all the time. I don't want to think about the answer, because the reality is that our sport is a very expensive obsession.

    Yeah but whats that old quote... "I spent 90% of my money on booze, fast cars and women. The rest I just wasted."
    Bill Davis

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    *points to right palm*


    Let's not forget the ever present AR people who want to stop hunting and dog sports. Quite frankly, I'm surprised they are mostly targeting conformation shows right now and not field trials or hunt tests where birds are used.

    Oh wait, FT and HT have guns. Maybe that's why.


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    The ability to get people going at a young age is a difficult due to kids and activities. If you have kids that are active in anything they get (and deserve) your extra time. My son played baseball. No way I could have dedicated the time needed to a dog that can run at any level and be involved with baseball. Sure you could just go to the games and train a dog, but you can't be really INVOLVED. If my son was doing it i wanted to be involved. Those were some really great days, months and years. So now the kid is out of college and on his own. I need something to do, so now I'm involved with dogs. The reality is I did not get started in dog games until I was a 52 year old beginner. I think there are a lot of people with similar circumstances.

    As for cost 18 holes of golf is not cheap, owning and putting gas in a boat is not cheap.

    John B
    H2O Control Guy

    Something I learned in the barn growing up. "Never walk behind a cow that is coughing."

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    Part of the issue is some clubs get new people interested, ok they host a monthly training day where all the members well they run their practice tests, the new comers most who don't know how to train well their lost. People need to learn how to train dogs first that's what their new interest is in at first meat and potatoes of training. Not show up and spectate and someone just run through a test setup to improve their dogs, how are they gonna learn that way, they want. The buddy training groups that go on through out the month aren't as easy to get invited in if u don't have something to offer etc training grounds or something, that makes people feel more of a burden.

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