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Thread: Drinking pool water.

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    Default Drinking pool water.

    Has anyone ever had issues with their puppies or dogs drinking pool water. Of course he has fresh water but whenever we are in pool he likes drinking it. Thanks

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    Yes my first lab was a pool freak, she swam, drank, just sprawled out on the step when it was hot and retrieved the kids when they were in the pool swimming. Don't have any idea of the cause but she developed cancer in her throat and mouth and i had to put her down just before her 13th birth day.

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    Not a pool but my 14 mo YLF loves to jump in the creek, swim around and lap up some agua. Probably just a lab thing. Imagine preferring that dirty stuff over nice clean tasteless well water.
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    If they fall in head first and can't get out you might see a problem.

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    Mine have and several others drink out of our pool, no issues that I have seen. We do watch however to not let them in or drink right after doing weekly chemicals.

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