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Thread: Hunt tests or Ego

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    My first dog event satisfied my curiosity.
    The majority since have kept my ego a manageable size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwayne Padgett View Post
    I am proud of my dogs and what we have done together. I hunt my dog, a LOT, and I do care about titles. It's all about having fun and bettering the breed.
    Someone like yourself would not have started this thread... the OP was looking at the issue of Hunt Test being so full up.. I think.. and that a lot of the dogs entered don't need the validation.

    A breeding program in a Kennel as you suggest builds on tests and producing good hunting lines... I totally see your want and need to enter your dogs...

    I think the OP was trying to make a point... I should have stayed out of the conversation not being a breeder, or someone who feels the need to test my dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by red devil View Post
    So here's my problem.....

    No problem with whatever reason you run AKC HT, HRC, NAHRA or any other flavor - ego, pride, personall satisfaction, challenge, better hunting companion etc, etc. Its all good. However I still hold onto the premise that the HT games were designed to help a hunter have a better companion in the field. Somewhere along the line HT titles became confused with betttering the breed(s) and indeed people were and are willing to pay more for titled pedigree puppies. As the sport has evolved, more and more non hunters have permeated the ranks. Certainly AKC, more and more in HRC. These people unconsciously or consciously are driving the design of tests, the standards and consequently the training. As a hunter I resent being obliged to accept a non hunter's valuation of the desirable qualities in my hunting buddies. He or she breeds her animals on the basis of their ability to pass tests as a priority, their ability to produce valuable progeny next with their suitability in the blind or the uplands a poor vanguard. The exact opposite of the original intent of hunt tests.

    I know I am casting a broad net, but I am afraid if the general trend. I think the tests with 60 dogs and three handlers are merely a symptom of this trend.
    Spot on!!!!!!

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    I don't do it for the titles. My old girl would have easily a master level dog if I would have ever bothered running her. I was plenty content to let her pull my ducks and give me stupid looks when I missed a shot. With the new pup, I have decided it will be fun to see how high of a standard she can consistently meet. Assuming I can get her there, once she has her MH title, I will probably only do 1-2 tests a year as a benchmark to a standard I want to hold. If I ever decide to try to qualify her for the MN or run her there, it will be solely for the reason that I want to see my dog challenged to be the best she can be. If HT's ever turn in to anything but pure fun for me, I will go back to training and only hunting her. My dogs will always be primarily hunting partners, regardless of any other accolades they may earn. If I ever skip a weekend in the duck blind to run a HT, feel free to shoot me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Desiree View Post
    Spot on!!!!!!
    I'm still curious. If red devil's post is spot on, can you list some specifics of this?

    "These people unconsciously or consciously are driving the design of tests, the standards and consequently the training. As a hunter I resent being obliged to accept a non hunter's valuation of the desirable qualities in my hunting buddies."

    I'm not saying it's not happening, but I hunt some, and I train a lot, and sometimes I run tests, and I'm thinking about running trials, and I don't see it.

    I understand complaints about tests going over and above what is needed in a "meat dog", but it doesn't seem like a problem if the tests tend to ask more of a dog in terms of genetic talent and trained skills than what is needed to be a competent partner in the blind, that's just a valid reason for some to not want to run tests.

    The skills tested for in a hunt test are the same skills you would want in a hunting dog, and I can't think of any skills a dog would have either for tests or trials that would be detrimental in a hunting dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacduck View Post
    Then show me that the great majority of MN dogs actually hunt more than 30 days a year or even 10 days a year in all conditions with their owners.

    I personally got into HT for the fun of working with my dog all year around rather than maybe just 120 days a year on good seasons.

    Sure more training could have been done by me and the boss lady but then we have no benchmark to see where we are going or have been. We are bigger hunters than hunt testers but the HT is a FUN ego game for sure for us.
    So it's all ok if a dog is hunted for at least 30 days a year? I don't hunt my dog 30 times a year and I'd LOVE to qualify for the MN. Has nothing to do with ego...i think it'd be a blast and an adventure I'd like to experience with my dog. After all, that's why I got my dog...a buddy to do stuff with. Why can't hunt tests and the MN just be about doing stuff with your buddy and not about how many days it hunts and if said owner has an ego or not.

    I do stuff with my dog for fun...not for ribbons or titles...that would include hunting or going to the MN.
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    When we don't pass a test, what gets bruised? That's right, our ego. These doggie games we all decide to play and subject ourselves to are all effected to some extent by our ego. I don't think that someone choosing to go to MN is any more about ego than someone wanting to obtain a JH or anyone wanting to have the best hunting dog they'll ever have. We all have egos some are smaller/bigger than others and some get bruised less/more easily than others. I don't think there is anything positive that can result from trying to tell others what they should feel or how they should think.
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    Who the hell cares why somebody plays the game? I train my dogs because I love seeing how well and how far we can can go. That is a WE as in me and MY dog. Is that ego? yea I suppose it is , but what it really is , is LOVE and respect between me and my dog. I also get joy out of seeing a know nothing client dog turn into a handy and obedient dog. THAT has nothing to do with ego but with pride in what I do, just the same as a woodworker creates a beautiful table. Call it egotistic but when I have the opportunity to make a MH and then when the MN is in my neighborhood and my dog qaulifies to run and THEN we bring home a plate I will be very proud of that journey and screw you if you don't like it.
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