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Thread: Protein and Fat %'s

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    Default Protein and Fat %'s

    What do you use? When your choosing which food to feed your dog, how do you know which protein/fat % is the best? I know it depends on the amount of activity a dog partakes in each day but for your average hunting dog who is a in home companion that gets to play and train for about 20 minutes a day what is a good %? What about during hunting season or when the dog is doing more training and having more activity?

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    My dog does best on 30/20 year round.

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    30/20 PPP is what I use
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    Is there any feed 30/20 with out any chicken, my boy has a chicken allergy

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    I'm feeding 30/20 Victor

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    30/20 year round, less activity, less food- not nutrition! My dogs will self regulate by not eating as much with less activity.

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    30/20 and some times 34/18... Tried the grain free crap for awhile... but his back on the 30/20!
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    Protein equals quick energy, muscle/organ maintenance, & recovery. Fat equate to energy store, also joint/organ lubrication, and coat health. Eukanuba did a study on protein a bit back, found 22-30 % protein resulted in less injury to working sled dogs, more protein less injury. Still protein is one of those items that if a dog can't uptake it all your paying for expensive poop. I prefer to cut down on protein over fat, I see a energy loss when I cut down fat. makes a big difference on maintaining weight during hunting season. I feed a 24-20, results are comparable to the 30-20, I haven't noticed a difference in energy level or injury. I used to feed a 30-22 coats were better on that but the company went out of business. Still i find it better to feed a higher protein-fat food, you end up feeding much less of it. Example fed one dog 4 cups of a 20-16 same dog eats 2.5 cups of the 24-20 and you need to watch so they don't get fat. I'm saving $ by feeding less.
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    I agree with you 24-20 works well for my dogs during slower times. When hunting or training more I add more protein. I like to keep a higher fat it just seems to keep my dogs looking better. It seems like everyone is pushing for higher proteins but my dad has had coonhounds forever and never has fed more than about a 26 protein. I know it's different but his hounds work harder than %99 of labs including mine.

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    Kibble is an interesting food form for a canine because in their history of eating it is relatively new... and they have been able to adapt to it.

    Most owners will tell you to find the sweet spot in terms of fat to protein ratios and stick with it year round and adjust portions to activity.

    Dogs on this forum, being athletes, will do well on 30-20 year round... excess protein not utilized daily is excreted via the kidney's ... a dog will also need to drink more water the higher one feeds protein in the kibble format... without water it will not digest, or be able to flush out excess from the kidney's.

    Fat is interesting in canines in that when they bottom out of energy, they are able to burn fat very quickly if fed just that... as in sled dog racing... carbs are never an issue in most kibble because most diets contain too many.. again kibble being the reason.. the starch holds it together during and after the extrusion process. Carbs provide the glycogen for muscles during the first phase of muscle warm up.. helps the quick bursts of energy... the protein builds and repairs tissues... but as the above post says.. dogs if they can handle it, thrive on fat.... just don't add your own as this can lead to pancreatitis because you unbalance the diet..
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