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Thread: New MH title at 13 months. Congrats Mjh345!

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    Another smartworks dog!! Congrats! Now on to volume 2.

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    LOL!!!! Kim..... Congrats Marc
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    Congrats are truly in order. The world is full idiots with incredible success stories. A trainer who is on the same page with their dog just takes what the dog gives them and doesn't force anything more. If they're ready at 13 or 30 months, just gotta know your dog.

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    Well, now everyone knows ... that dawg is smarter than the trainer!!!

    Good on ya', Marc! Keep on keeping' on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1NarlyBar View Post
    13 mo.

    Forget the derby. Start looking at Qaa events you can run before you lose momentum. If she can run MH then she can do quals, if she can run/pull the distance. Push yourself and the dog and you might have a very NICE dog.

    Nice Job, and enjoy the Dog!


    I think by setting the record for MH title at 13 months he has already shown he has a very nice dog. As for distance this pup has no problem. I've personally watched her smash heavily factored marks over 350 yard(distance determined with range finder) and run 400 yd blinds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Williams View Post
    Another smartworks dog!! Congrats! Now on to volume 2.

    thanks a lot. I just spit my coffee all over my IPad.

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    Wow Marc,

    I'm happy for you and sincerely congratulate you on a very impressive accomplishment.

    One takeaway for me his this: I remember when Bill Petrovish got hammered upon pretty heavily for the way he was going to ruin little Ammo. I think we all can agree that Bill's approach did not mess that dog up very much. And if it did mess her up, then we probably many would love to mess our dogs up in that manner.

    Here comes MJH with another example of this phenomenon - a trainer/handler who assesses what the dog is capable of, what the dog is ready to do, and adjusts the exposure to fit the setting.

    There is no one size fits all in anything.... Marc just did something cool. My hunch is we may see further accomplishments out of this team.

    Sincere congratulations. Chris
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    That pretty much sums it up Chris....Nice job Marc! Jim
    Jim Weitzel

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    Nice job Marc! That's one hell of an accomplishment!
    God bless!- Jamee

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    congratulations Marc, that's a ton of work in a short time, dedication...
    Darrin Greene

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    Congrats Marc. Thanks for all the HELP! Worked his bit off making sure things ran smoothly. Pretty awesome when a guy says "I don't have a dog running today so I will help in any way". And he did. Through flyer for the junior. Helped with the senior. Worked the master. I hope a lot of people watched and learned something that obviously marc already knows. It is hard to title a dog if your the only one playing the game! Several dogs titled this weekend and marc had something to do with all off them!!!!!!!! Learn by example people.
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