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Thread: How Big will he get? Pictures included of dam/sire and pup

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    Default How Big will he get? Pictures included of dam/sire and pup

    Is there any way to tell how big a puppy will get? like double their weight at a certain age? My pup is 36lbs right now and his feet are pretty big. His mom was 80lbs and his dad was around 78lbs. His mom has big feet for an 80lb dog and I had a trainer estimate him at 85lbs. Any guesses on what he will end up at? Pics are of Sire, Pup and mom, and pup feet as of today. I plan on keeping him petty lean once he is a year old.
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    CJ, I'm curious. Why does it matter? The pup will probably be very similiar to the sire and dams size. You have a nice looking pup, enjoy him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freezeland View Post
    CJ, I'm curious. Why does it matter? The pup will probably be very similiar to the sire and dams size. You have a nice looking pup, enjoy him.
    Thanks, im just curious about what yall would estimate him to be once he is full grown. I enjoy him, just get tired of people constantly commenting on his feet.

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    I would guess he will stay on the bigger side. 80lbs give or take how heavy or lean you keep him and how much muscle he gets....

    No idea what "averages" are for labradors but my chocolate female is 6 months old and 26lbs (just weighed her) the dam was on the small side and I hope she stays smaller too. I like a smaller dog.


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    CJ , Id guess around what his sire is- He has big bone structure too not just big feet.
    Who is the sire-hes gorgeous...
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    thank you - here is link to the sire, Name is Ezra

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    They say double their weight at 4 months to get there full grown weight. Holds pretty true as far as I know. My dog was 45 lbs at 4 months and now he is 85 lbs at 15 months and I assume he has a little bit of filling out to do.

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    Weight charts are simply a "guesstimate" guide. After looking at weight records of my last 4 pups I would say that the adult "lean" weight is hard to predict by a chart.
    My Cosmo bitch competed at 62lbs and her weight at 12 wks was 26lbs. Cos 70lbs/dam 60lbs.

    My Copper daughter was 25.5lbs at 12 wks and competed at 72-74lbs. Copper 80+lbs/dam 60-65.

    Our Cash girl was 23.5 at 12 wks and also weighs 62lbs. My guess(?) on Cash was 68-70/dam 65 max.

    My Crow River Cougars Mad Max son was 26.8lbs and competed at 65lbs. Max looked to be mid 70s. not sure.

    My 12 week old Pow baby weighed in at 26.6lbs and I sure hope that she's not an 80lber.
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    Hi C.J.

    I agree with CodyC, double pup weight @ 4 months old and you will have a good pictures of his weight once adult.

    Alain Jetté

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    Who cares that second picture is one of the cutest pics I have seen. Great dog, have fun.

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