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Thread: Joint supplement??

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    There is no clinical proof that joint supplements do a darn thing. That being said I've had my horses and dogs on NutraMax products (Cosequin, Dasuquin) for years and firmly believe they help. I finally put myself on their human product (I don't care for flavored tabs) Cosamin and it made me feel a lot better. Been plagued with aggravating back pain. Now I don't take my Rx meds hardly at all.

    NutraMax guarantees their product contents. It's not FDA approved so anything can go on the bottle. A vet told me start with Cosequin if it works, you can switch to a cheaper brand and if it doesn't work you know it's ingredients are not right. Also cheaper brands a larger pills that need to be administered multiple times a day. After a loading period, Cosequin is once a day.

    Healthy sells it the cheapest I have seen including shipping. Entirely Pets is the same site just also sells Rx stuff Healthy pets does not.

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    A rehab vet at Cornell recommended Dasuquen and Glycoflex III for one of my dogs who had an orthopedic issue. Dasuquen has an avocado extract. Glycoflex III has green mussles.... while there is no hard evidence that any of this stuff works, I had a 12 year old cocker who started kicking big triple jumps in agility. One month after putting her on Dr. Fosters & SMith joint supplement, she was clearing them by 4".

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    I have been taking the human version for about 6 weeks and no shoulder pain for the first time in over 10 years.

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    Thanks everybody. I do appreciate the help. I had no idea that so many people gave their dog supplements.

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