Women's Gun Handling Clinic
Sponsored by the
Sandusky Bay Hunting Retriever Club
Saturday, July 12, 2014
Erie County Conservation League
815 East Mason Road, Milan, Ohio
9 am till 4 pm
Lunch Included
$20 / person limited to 20 Women

This is a clinic designed for women that have an interest in running HRC (or AKC) events and are uncertain about handling the gun at the line. This clinic has been well thought out with women handlers in mind ~ It is designed to teach gun safety, the mechanics of a shotgun, safe gun handling and safe gun handling with a dog in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. It is the hope that each lady, at the end of the day, will go home with the confidence that they have the ability to safely and successfully handle a gun and run their dog at the Seasoned and Finished levels of the HRC as well as the Senior and Master levels of the AKC. Whether you are brand new and have never handled a shotgun before, or have handled one and are merely looking to sharpen your skills, this clinic will be of huge benefit.

This clinic will cover the following and more:
~ Introduction to the 870 Remington Express (used at most HRC Hunt Tests) including safety mechanisms, parts of the gun and safe gun handling
~ Safety issues with regard to your dog, you, judges, galleries, birdboys, etc.
~ Proper shooting form with an 870 such as shooting at the "top of the arc" of a mark, proper shouldering of the gun, etc.
~ Shooting from a standing position as well as a sitting position on a bucket
~ Troubleshooting issues such as "short-shucking", jammed shells, miss-fires, etc.
~ Proper and safe gun handling over your dog including concerns such as the barrel, pushing your dog with the barrel, safety "no-no's", helpful hints, etc.
~ Safely shooting primers at singles and doubles without and with a dog at the bucket

An NRA certified instructor, UKC/HRC judge, an AKC judge as well as women who run HRC events with success will be heading up this clinic. No live rounds will be fired. Only primers will be used.

Please wear comfortable clothing that will accommodate the weather. Experienced dogs are welcome though if you are uncertain or your dog is not ready, we will have dogs available. You are also encouraged to join Sandusky Bay HRC and participate at a club training session to further learn about shooting over your own dog and/or how to introduce your dog to such scenarios.

This clinic is sponsored by the Sandusky Bay Hunting Retriever Club in cooperation with the Erie County Conservation League. The Sandusky Bay HRC is a UKC sanctioned HRC club (Hunting Retriever Club) . Please ask about the activities that Erie County Conservation League offers for women learning how to shoot. Erie County Conservation League is located just off of Rt. 250 in Milan, just south of Sandusky ~ easily accessible from either Rt. 2 or the Ohio Turnpike.

PRE-REGISTRATION by July 10, 2014.
For more information, please call Sherri Fischer at 419-626-2884.