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Thread: Tritronics/Garmin winger controls

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    Default Tritronics/Garmin winger controls

    I had a scare this morning. It appeared my TT Pro Control G3 transmitter wasn't working. Turned out a new 9 v battery solved the issue. But it got me to wondering if TT/Garmin was going to continue making these or come out with new ones. Anyone have any info on this.
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    I had asked the same question a few months back.. From what I've heard Garmin has yet to make public commitment to continuing the remote release electronics. I hope they do develop one in the future. I would be interested.
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    I've searched high and low and asked everyone that might know and the answer was always no. I feel like a traitor because I just sold all my TT releases and am ordering dogtra on Monday. Mine have done great but they're getting to the age that if I don't sell them now I won't be able to get any money toward new stuff. My training partner has been using dogtra since the first of January and they do just as good as mine. I just hope they last as long as my TT.

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