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Thread: is there any such thing as too much "Bottom"?

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    I always used "bottom" in order to describe a dog's ability to accept pressure and respond appropriately (i.e. not fold up, sulk, pout, or get so stressed he/she cycles through every choice but the correct one). To me, it's different than "drive." Maybe I'm using the term incorrectly, but if too much bottom is a bad thing, I'll take more of that. I'd rather have "too much" bottom than not enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundown49 aka Otey B View Post
    My pup now has the ability to do things regardless of the results.. so far nothing I've asked is too much. Only thing that worries me is he is 'balls to the wall" when training and when even resting he is wanting more...
    He got his name from retrieving a bumper through a multi-flora rose bush at 3 months old. Went through it going and coming... tough pup..

    I do not believe so. This is how I would describe bottom and have done so previously.

    Bottom: " A dog that has drive and desire, that does not change when given correction. Comes right back and goes as hard as before the correction with good attitude and demeanor. "

    What you defining, to me, is desire/drive/love of the retrieve. And that, IMO, if not controlled, could become a liability. But to me, is not related to bottom as I define it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by truthseeker View Post
    The definition of what bottom is has been discuss many time on here. Many have said that it is how much pressure a dog can handle. To me it's just that the dog can take a licking and keep on ticking and contains more than one aspect of the dogs personality.

    As far as the OP. I would not get caught up on distance. more on focus and determination. She is still vary young. Try to throw in some water some where.

    I saw an example of bottom at a HT once. 12 y.o. lab who was already MH, probably running one of her last hunt tests. Somewhere along in her life, she'd had her left front leg amputated. She seemed to not notice. She was doing great point-wise going into the last series, but the final bird involved a big swim across a pond and of course, she got a big fat duck. On the send, she had no trouble making it across the water. tight hunt, picks it up and turns around to return. When she hit swimming water, her head submerged with every stroke. It looked like her right front was getting her head up, but not helping push her and that duck across the water. Every time she went under most of us watching wanted to swim out and get her. But there was no quit in her. Every stroke, she came up blowing water out of her nose. Gradually she got the rear legs providing enough push that she made it back. Came up to her handler like it was just one more bird. Made her delivery and walked off the line.

    I think the dog that has bottom is the dog that won't quit.

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