Kennel for ford f150 6.5ft bed length
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Thread: Kennel for ford f150 6.5ft bed length

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    Default Kennel for ford f150 6.5ft bed length

    Im trying to get ideas for a two hole kennel for my truck. Thinking about having a ainley one made. I have a ford f150 with the 6.5ft bed length. Can you please post some pictures if you have a ford truck or something similar. Im curious what different ones look like in the bed of the truck Thanks

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    I have a 3 hole set up where each kennel is removable with jailbar sides and a double drawer system with water that is in a Ford that is probably identical to yours. Ainley made it and it is PERFECT for me! I can take the crates out and still use the bed of my truck (set stuff on top of the drawer system) and haul 1 or all 3 crates at once (usually 2 at a time) since they are all separate from one another. I LOVE my setup and the Ainley crew. They know what they are doing and build a high quality product. I researched and checked into the other companies, but IMHO I believe Ainley is the best in the business! You may wait a little longer than you would like to get one of their custom set ups (and they will pretty much do whatever you want), but they are TOTALLY worth it! When you go to pick it up, you will understand why they have the wait list that they do. When I was there, they had multiple trailers, chassis mounts, toppers, my set up and a couple drawer systems all going at once and ALL the guys were working on them. I couldn't believe their operation when I saw it!! They had my setup installed in way less time than it took me to make the drive to get it. Their guys are pros! Jane and Ron are awesome people and Chad is great to deal with, too. Get an Ainley- you won't regret it!

    PS- I'm at work right now but will post pics of my setup later for you. Good luck!
    God bless!- Jamee

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    Wow Jamee, that set up sounds awesome! I have a 2 hole (big mistake) that though really well made, is a pita to take on and off the truck which we have to do often. I hope you do post pics. To the OP, get a 3 hole!The original cost is not that much more and will hold its value. I bought the 2 hole when there were 2 dogs. Now I have 3 with very little option to upgrade for an affordable price!
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    When I first got into the sport, my vehicle was a Ford F150 extended cab with a Leer Top.

    I had a handmade platform that I used, then upgraded to an Ainley platform with water tank. I placed three single kennels on top of the platform.

    I drilled rails into the platform as guides for the kennels, drilled eyebolts into the platform and used tie down straps to secure the kennel. I had one kennel (the one closest to the cab) running perpendicular to the truck, the other two (closest to tailgate), side by side running parallel to the truck. It was very easy to let the dogs out of the two rear kennels. For the remaining kennel, I would open the side panel, open the crate, and the dog would run along the platform to the tail gate.

    It was not hard to remove kennels, so that platform could be used as everyday truck bed.

    I had donut ring placed between cab and bed, put two fans in the opening there to draw A/C from cab into bed.

    It worked pretty well for me. As I needed more dog space, I moved to an Ainley chassis mount, but that truck served me pretty well
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    I'd love to see pics of your setup Jamee. I have a F150 too and am trying to set it up with 2 or 3 crates/boxes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heinz87 View Post
    Im trying to get ideas for a two hole kennel for my truck. Thinking about having a ainley one made. I have a ford f150 with the 6.5ft bed length. Can you please post some pictures if you have a ford truck or something similar. Im curious what different ones look like in the bed of the truck Thanks
    We got our box from Bitter Creek in OK. Great people to work with and they will custom make anything you want. We took their standard box and made it a bit shorter in length so we'd still have bed space behind the kennel. We also made the doors taller, doubled the side of the side windows and added roof vents. We have the 6.5' bed and can still put coolers and other gear behind the box and our two 70lb labs are very comfortable in it. We wanted a box that we could still take out if we needed the truck bed for something else and this is easily moved with me and my husband.

    These are the only pictures I have on my work computer showing the box. We've had it for about 4 years now and are very happy with it.....even our 2 yr old approves

    185977_10150147574251264_2524997_n.jpg Untitled.jpg
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    I have a setup similar to Troy except my box is Deerskin and I have a toolbox mounted in front of the dog box.


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    Ainley in a long bed

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    A friend has three on order from Ainley- They were supposed to be completed in May, and theyve pushed her out til late summer now. I would not be pleased, myself, and would have been tempted to cancel the order( which they gave her option to do). Sounded like they put a big box order ahead of her.....
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