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Thread: Minimum size for outdoor dog run

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    Ours are 5 x 10. We didn't want to use concrete either, due to having to hire a contractor, etc. I went to our local brick supplier and bought 12x12 concrete pavers, just the plain square ones. The ground was already level where we wanted the kennels, so I just laid the pavers right on the ground and set the welded wire kennels up around them. The pavers fit inside the kennels just right, I only had to have one row cut along one end. Our dogs are only in them when we leave the house for errands, so they have never "gone" in them (except the puppy, who was just little and not housebroken at that age either.) The big dogs just wait. Ours aren't covered, but I put shade screen over them in the summer. Also purchased a single stall mat for each run, so they have the choice of laying on the black rubber or the cement pavers, or in their k-9 condos.
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    Rather than pouring cement, just use paver blocks, dogs can't chew them, if you lay them right, they can't dig them up either, but can still hose down if needed. Cheap enough, easy to haul and do yourself, come in a wide variety of sizes/styles, and are not permanent. I use the biggest/thickest ones around the yard and gardens in spots the dogs seem to like to dig.
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    My run is 5'x15' with a concrete floor and a dogloo in it. I often keep all 3 of my Labs in there together. My cousin and I poured the concrete slab.............we textured the concrete and put expansion joints in it.

    I'm now considering kevlar for side and top sun/cop protection for my dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_willie12 View Post
    mine are 5'x10' with some space on inside of barn too like 4'x4'... If the dog is out often and used/exercised Pen should just be a sleeping spot
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